Social media websites have incredibly obsessed the entire world!

Contemporarily, social media websites have incredibly obsessed the entire world making it a global village, people love to have as many Instagram followers, likes, views, & comments on their posts as they can. It would not be wrong to say that having a lot of comments, likes and views can make you feel like a celebrity. The post with a few Instagram followers, likes, views, & comments cannot capture the attention of people.

In today’s era, on the one end, people are possessed by Instagram, on the other end; clever business owners are taking full benefit from the real traffic on Instagram. Purchasing Instagram followers, likes, views, & comments on social medical sites can help you show that your business profile is very popular, which will show that your business is popular. A shop or store running through the internet wants to give its reach a boost, online visibility, and client accessibility.

Instagram is the biggest online place in this day & age

It would not be wrong to say that Instagram is the biggest online place in this day and age where you can extend your online commercial venture by making your audience busy with what you offer them for sale. There is no doubt that the trend of using social media sites is going in an upward direction with each passing day, this social medical platform keeps on changing its policies from time to time.

There are some misconceptions about buying Instagram followers, likes, views, and comments. For instance, some people think they may damage your site rather than benefit it. That is a partial or half-truth. The full truth is that robotic followers, likes, views and comments can damage your site, but real people traffic can take the visibility of your site at the peak of an online presence. That’s what you need to understand and act accordingly.


Key Opinion Leaders and the Difference with an Influencer

Many people do not know about key opinion leader. In simple words, a key opinion leader also known as KOL is a well-respected and trusted influencer with an experience and expertise which is proven one in a specific area or field and mostly medical field. In the area of healthcare, these key thought and opinion leaders could be hospital executives, physicians, health system directors, patient advocacy group member, and researchers and so on. One of the things that you will note about the key opinion leaders is that they come from a wide range of background and different roles. So, it can be become difficult to find out who these thought leaders are. 

Some of the ways in which you can distinguish them are as follows

Key thought and opinion leaders can be the one who speaks at a national conference or any national or local event. They can also be the one, who publishes their research in the medical journal. Key leaders are also those who have taken part in pivotal number of clinical trials. In addition, key thought and opinion leaders are the one who have held a place or position as a board member with certain organizations. Key opinion leaders can also be doctors who have diagnosed or treated high number of patients in a single day in some specialty area. If physicians are finding new treatments for the patients who have rare disease and publishing their related research in a medical journal, then they can also be called key opinion leader. 

Importance of KOL (key opinion leader) in Healthcare –

One of the things that you should know is that key opinion leaders have so much of experience. Due to this, they carry a significant influence within their community. In addition, you should know that KOLs are capable of generating awareness in people about the new device or drug and help in increasing the sales volume for the suppliers. They can also have impact on the purchasing decision within their own network or hospitals. Many pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies will most of the time consult with key opinion leaders about the various phases of testing and development. 

Key opinion leaders such as doctors provide insight to a specific state of disease, which comprises of existing treatments and there is continuous research. Besides that, they also assist in informing clinical trial design and product enhancements. 

Difference between Key Opinion Leader and Influencer –

Different people have different kinds of opinion when it comes to knowing whether the key opinion leader and influencer are the same or not. It is only because of their expertise in the field, key opinion leaders are trusted. In addition, this expertise which they have gained is through professionally long term experience. KOLs are the one who do not use social media. However, it can give them a powerful platform for influencing and others. 

Influencers are the ones who make most of their income through social media. The credibility of the influencers is based on the social media persona, plus the content, that they share. For followers influencers are like key opinion leaders. 

In short, most of the key opinion leaders are influencers and likewise, vice versa, but not every KOLs are influencers. 


Importance and Power of Social Media

Social Media has become so dominant over the past few years. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other social media platforms have made their mark in the world. Instagram is the most powerful social media platform. On Instagram, users from around the globe publish their videos and images of daily activities and get likes and views for the posts. The users of Instagram are increasing rapidly. More and more people are getting engaged in this social networking platform. The increasing amount makes it difficult for users to get noticed in this platform.

Users want to get famous and want as many likes and view as possible. There are many natural ways available to get noticed and accessible on this platform. But getting recognized is a time-consuming process. Businesses have very little time to get famous. They don’t have plenty of time to dedicate to these natural processes to get recognized and maximize the number of likes. In such situations, Buying Instagram likes have become the most feasible option. There are many reasons to buy likes for your Instagram profile.

Role of Instagram Likes in Business

Similarly, if you are doing business on Instagram, it will bring you more customers in the form of followers. It will help you in increasing your sales. Your brand may come in recommendations if it has a good number of followers and likes.

Buying likes will motivate you to put more effort into your work and to differentiate yourself from others. You will try to bring different things to your followers.

Similarly, if we see the case of an influencer who has just started his or her work on Instagram and is getting only a reasonable number of likes on his posts, it will de-motivate him towards his/her work. That influencer is putting all his effort and getting only a few likes and followers, and it will be a disappointment for him/her. And how is this possible for someone to reach him out until he got some more crowds?

So, better is to buy a few likes at the start of his journey that would help him in all aspects. It would bring him more followers, it would present his brand in recommendations, and it would make him successful faster and would motivate him also.

Why do you need to buy Instagram likes?

The question arises why we should buy Instagram likes? Buying likes will motivate you to put more effort into your work and to differentiate yourself from others. You will try to bring different things to your followers.

The power of Social Media has increased immensely over the past few years. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other social media platforms have made their mark in the world. Instagram is the most powerful social media platform. On Instagram, users from around the globe publish their videos and images of daily activities and get likes and likes for the posts. Instagram users are increasing rapidly. More and more people are getting engaged in this social networking platform. The increasing amount makes it difficult for users to get noticed in this platform.

Buy Instagram Likes Online from Stormlikes

One of the reasons why you should buy Instagram likes online is that online sources provide you with real and genuine likes of real users. Online sources hold a long list of real users. They sell the likes to these real users for small fees. Stormlikes is one of the best places to buy Instagram likes. Online sources are providing the Instagrammers with real and genuine likes of real users. Online sources hold a long list of real users. They sell the likes to these real users for small fees. Buying Instagram Automatic likes online will get you the real and genuine likes from the actual users. It would boost your credibility and creditworthiness of your Instagram profile. This also encourages other users to follow you. This will ultimately get you the increased number of users of your Instagram posts and profile.


Top 3 Challenges of Managing Reputation of the Business over the Web

The internet is proving to be a promising platform for businesses that want to lower down the business cost. The revenue generated from online platforms is growing chunk by chunk every year. Consumers have changed the way they shop. Now, mostly they come to the internet first to enquire about the product or service; mostly, they come to compare the prices offline and online, to read the reviews and also to get the advantage of home delivery service. All these ways of marketing products and services indicate the importance of reputation management. This is one of the biggest challenges a business faces while going over the web.

Other challenges are:

1. Bad reviews

Any frustrated buyer can use the web and write a bad review. This may sound harmless, but the hit is realized when the position on the search engines is pushed below or further to the next page or beyond.

2. Social media

Social media threads can make the businessmen’s life hell if the people are not talking positively about their offering. They have to manage their reputation on social media as well.

3. Product descriptions

Writing product descriptions so that it boosts the sale or helps manage the reputation is another big challenge that can give the businessmen sleepless nights. The descriptions must include keywords in the title, should be able to engage the buyers and also offer complete information about the product without sounding too flowery.

All these challenges need the expertise of an Online Reputation Management Company. The main job of this company is to push the negative reviews to the second page and beyond and boost the ranking of positive things said about the business. The company can take a look at the bigger picture on the whole and may suggest something for product descriptions also, or about the responsiveness of the page. So, hire these professionals to take care of online reputation and get more numbers through online means.


Social Media Marketing: How To Build A Twitter Audience

I want you to understand that before you begin talking about your product on social media, it’s important to initial build a sizeable audience that’s inquisitive about what you have to say. As a part of the guides, it’s sensible to ask any successful entrepreneur and so as to teach you on a way to build an audience for your product ought to precede your promoting and merchandising efforts.

The same methods hold true once embarking on social media as a tool to speak concerning your business.

Guides On Building Your Twitter Audience

Create an even, centered message:-

Twitter serves as an extension of your business, provision an equivalent skilled complete experience you had given a client on your web site, in an exceedingly pamphlet and the other medium whereas the platform offers you a good chance to have interaction along with your audience in a distinctive area, thus it’s sensible to take care of an equivalent temperament and tone that you just use within the store, your brochures, and promoting materials.

Build, organize and parson your Twitter experience:-

On Twitter, you have the chance to do over just communicate along with your customers, you’ll interact with business insiders, businesses and other people who inspire you further as trends which will be applicable to your SME. Twitter lists produce an opportunity for you to manage, sort and categorize this information so it doesn’t too much for you, make use of lists to remain up to date on trends and engage with associate degree audience on the far side your own followers.

Take advantage of Twitter Analytics:-

Once you begin participating along with your Twitter audience, it’s necessary to be awake to opportunities and trends through your content. Twitter Analytics is free and allows you to see individual and mass performance across all of your tweets, in this method, you’ll discover what works and obtain real information once you strive new kinds of engagement.

Utilize Twitter for two-way engagement:-

Have it in mind that Twitter could be a place to engage along with your audience, not simply to share promotions and business updates, instantly you’ve got a large following, keeping all those followers depends on more than simply programming tweets. Twitter permits you to post polls, request for feedback, reply to folks and retweet different tweets you like. All of this could be in your arsenal once interacting because it builds client loyalty strengthening your digital presence.


How to Share Your Infographics on Social Media

You may think that you can just share your infographics on social media and that will be the only thing that you need. It can be harder than it looks. There are some infographics that you have seen that comes with compelling stories or details that are just hard to ignore. These infographics will be shared with other people until more and more people are aware of the brand and what it can offer.

There are also some infographics that will also come with great details but because it does not have any visuals, people are not even making an effort to click on it, to like it, and of course, share it to the people that they know. If you are not able to share your infographics correctly online, you can expect that people will not make any effort to share your data more.

Some Things to Do

There are so many things that you can do with your infographics that you may end up feeling confused with what you can actually get. A perfect example of this can be seen in a post like this one, where it offers a list of brands that have great online advertising and reach. Instead of just having a basic text article, it would prove much more useful and enjoyable to read if it was in visual form.

At the same time, it does not mean that just because you have created great infographics, this is already enough to be shared online. There are still some things that you can do to ensure that it will be noticed more.

  • Place it on your own blog. Your infographics should come with some keywords that will make it SEO-friendly so that it can easily be searched.
  • Keep the details about the infographics easy to understand because this will make sure that it will be shared properly.
  • Provide some easy options for sharing so that it can be shared by many people from all over the world.

One tip to remember: Do not redirect people to a PDF file that is placed on your website. PDF files are harder to share and it will also be harder for people to navigate. They will lose interest and will not even bother to share your data. When readers feel that they have reached a dead end, this will be their cue to leave your page and forget about the infographics that you have created.

Have an Infographic Blog Post

Have you ever considered creating an infographic blog post but you do not know how to do it? You can always create a blog post in your own blog that will share the infographics that you have created. You need to make sure that your website is easy to navigate in or it will turn off a lot of your readers. You can make a blog post headline that will make people want to check out the rest of your content.

Make sure that the sharing buttons are visible. The more that people can feel that your data can be shared easily, the more that they are likely to share through their chosen social media platform. This can be helpful for you because your readers will do the sharing for you.

Infographics also work great for getting free viral to attend as well. For example, this book on Amazon did a recent promotion on the top crazy things teachers hear from their students. They turned this information into a viral infographic and saw a nice jump in Amazon books sales as a result of it.

Promoting on Social Media

Do you know that you can promote the infographics that you have created on your different social media pages? There are a lot of social media channels that will not allow you to post your whole infographic successfully but you can always create an infographic press release for social media that will make people interested to check out the infographics that you have created.

  • Include the link on the post that will redirect people to the social media website.
  • Show some snippets of the infographics that you have created that will make more people become interested in.
  • Always start your social media release with a sentence that will get your target audience’s attention. The more interested they are, the more that they will check it out and possibly share the link to their own followers and friends.

If you are planning to spend some money to advertise your infographics on social media, make sure that you will only make the content short because this will affect the number of people that you can reach.

What About Pinterest?

If you are searching for a social media platform that will allow you to share your full infographics, you do not have to look any further. You can simply share the data on Pinterest. You can feel free to share your infographic on a separate board or you can also share it to similar boards so that people will notice it.

Just remember to put into consideration how the pin will be cropped when it is being shown on the feed of different people. You can adjust your infographic so that it will show a valuable detail that will prompt people to click on the pin and check out your whole infographic successfully.

It is evident that promoting through social media can make it easier for you to get your infographics to reach a wider and better audience. Remember the tips that are mentioned above so that it will not be too hard to promote your infographics on social media.


Advantages of Having Business Account on Instagram

Instagram is a social media tool having worldwide reach. It allows the users to upload and share pictures and videos. The application is open for one and all and has become a great tool for marketers. But, to harness the true power of this tool, one should go for the business account. Here is why.

a. Complete analytics

As a business owner, you need to know how your posts are faring. The important figures are the hits, shares and ultimate actions taken on the post. The most desirable action of the consumer is – showing interest in your offering. Thus, business account having this feature of telling the status of marketing efforts does great things to the promotion campaign. You can plan better and come forth more effectively.

b. An immediate call to action

Only business account of Instagram has tools like promote, and automate. This handle also offers you occasions’ list of the month in advance so that you can prepare for it better and make the best of it too woo the audience. Not only you can use the action buttons provided, but can also create one of your choice.

c. Provides ease of reach to customers

You can certainly increase Instagram followers when they know you are for real. A small button ‘Contact’ in the business profile allows your visitors to reach you through a phone call or email. They may also find your location on Google Map by using this button. Thus, you can make your reach better and chances of conversion higher.

Before jumping upon a business account, learn the rules of the game. Notch up your post quality, create content that is too irresistible and come up with an image people can easily identify with. A basic aim of joining any social media handle is to register a presence where people hang out in large numbers. So, start with posts that can actually do the job and then taste the flavor of a business account.


How Communication Technology Affects Human Life

There have been intense debates related to the use of advanced technology, such as communication gadgets and new interaction platforms. Most people believe that new interactive platforms, such as social media, have a negative impact on the social and physical health of an individual. Social media, in particular, is believed to have negatives effects on people’s social skills. As the world of advanced technology takes shape, most people have resorted to the new ways of communicating and interacting using advanced hardware and software. The advent of advanced technology has led to far-reaching changes in the world and has affected almost everyone in one way or another. Almost every person and business organization have moved to new interactive platforms, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Google plus among other networks. Interactive and social media networks accord their users numerous privileges that one hardly contemplates the negative side of it. Social experts reckon that too much technology has devastating consequences for society. This paper elucidates the problems caused by communication technology and proposes solutions to combat telecommunication challenges.


Communication Technology negatively affects people’s health. In current techno-advanced societies, many people spend most of their time on the internet. They do not get involved in any physical exercise. This leads to a variety of diseases, such as obesity and eye problems. In addition, the use of social media and emails to interact and pass messages hinders many people from meeting and associating with one another face to face. This scenario has the potential to kill an individual’s innate communication skills and turn them into a robot-like individual. Personal and face-to-face interactions are critical in people’s lives because they explore people’s natural communication skills.

Young people, on the other hand, are susceptible to social media. Since every person has a Facebook or Twitter account nowadays, chances of meeting and socializing online with strangers are quite visible. For instance, many people engage or create a friendship with strangers online through either Facebook or Twitter. People end up forging close relationships with those they have never met or hardly know. They expose their personal life or information to strangers by default through posting on their walls, timelines, and status updates, forgetting that anyone is able to view and learn their moves through such postings. They usually talk about what they do on a daily basis, put Thumbs Ups on what they like, post questions and allow friends for discussion and update profiles. Through this a dangerous person is able to follow up and accomplish the mission like kidnapping, killing, or hijacking; they can simply chat with the target asking what they are up to, their whereabouts, and so on.

Addiction is another critical issue, as many people spend too much of their time on the internet. They forget the most important part of their life, like studying, for the students, who waste their time for chatting instead of studying, working, playing, having some exercise, and doing other important aspects of human life. The risk of social networking for young children is also another big issue. Most parents are going through the hard times trying to control their children. Most of them are exposed to dangerous sexual behavior, as they usually view videos through YouTube, and can watch pornographic pictures and movies. Some post links to their friends through emails, and Facebook links. These corrupt their minds when they are very young, then they start thinking about how they can also try. They start online hookups, flittering with people, who are older than they are, and, in the end, they even plan to meet and that is how they start engaging into early sex and early marriage.

Another big issue with technology in the sector of communication is bullying at the cyber, many people become cruel to their friends. When they differ, they start sending dangerous or threatening messages to them, through mobile phones, sending emails, or calling directly, exposing them by posting awful things on the walls for everyone to see; by so doing they destroy the person’s privacy and dignity, as everyone will be able to see that. They usually become demoralized and this affects them psychologically in many areas of life, such as school, work, relationships with friends and at home, as well as lowers their self-esteem.

Engaging with dangerous people is another issue that affects human life. Many adults and youth, for instance, talk and share private information with the strangers; thus, influencing one another leading to the wrong beliefs. People like those often find themselves unknowingly being in a cult, just because they relate with friends, who keep converting them, but they do not understand. These kinds of friends usually post bad pictures, give scriptures from the Bible, not through with genuine interests. They want to trap their trust and invite friends to join; by the time they realize, it is already too late.

Culture is another crucial area, which technology has negatively influenced. Patterns of communication and the consequences in the culture are varied, as people interact with others from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds; this affects more the young generation, as they relate with their fellow peers through the various social networks. When different people with varied cultures interact, they influence one another. Most of them tend to follow the most civilized culture in terms of coping skills the lifestyles and the way they behave. Culture, being the way of people’s actions conduct in a given population, influences all areas of life of that society: values, the way of behavior, beliefs, methods of doing things, and habitual skills. With the help of technology, these are transferred to the different people and the new practices are acquired regardless of their negative impact on human life.

The language used in social media is another issue that poses a great risk to users. Language is part of any culture. It is a medium, through which people express themselves. It shows a person’s identity, and people are able to relate to one another through mobile phones, e-mails, chatting, Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace. Through this, people learn and acquire new language skills, which may not be standard enough; this makes them carry the same to class, like the way of writing short text messages, and some people get used to such a style and carry it back to class. Others mix language, they influence one’s language making the young children acquire that mixture of language, thinking it is the right one and forgetting their original language. Too much exposure to social networking results in slow depletion of the original language and cultural values. Many people usually get exposed to the lifestyles of others, and start perceiving their own culture to be primitive and negative; in the end, they start imitating what they really do not know.

It makes students be lazy, as a lot of information is available on the internet. The boosters and education websites make students not to read books; on the contrary, they just prefer to download the information directly from the net and copy-paste or paraphrase it. Some form group discussions on the corresponding Facebook page and welcome participants to give their views and answers to the assignments given. In the end, the students get the information without having to struggle so much; yet, this makes them incompetent in the job market, though they may possess the necessary certificates.

A study shows that the internet encourages laziness, as most people spend their time playing games, surfing the dirty sites, watching and downloading risky information, causing fraud on the net, cyberbullying, interfering with other people’s private life, and promoting immorality.

The TV cables, a channel of communication, also has its negative impacts on the lives of people; the movies and soaps exposed on the TV channels encourage corruption of the mind, culture, and attitudes of people. For example, people watch movies or other TV shows and try to emulate some of the actors. Some get the influence of taking drugs, others become violent, because of constant exposure to the fighting shows; people are easily influenced by what they see. Some channels on TV offer naked people, pornographic movies, pleasure-seeking shows, promiscuity, greediness, hostility, crudeness in the language they use, and the extravagant mode of dressing.


To solve the problems associated with communication technology, authorities and industry regulators need to address a number of issues. First, there is a need for a strict curriculum on internet usage. Authorities need to formulate a curriculum that teaches on the ways the students can use the internet, and which sites they are advised to access. There must be a strict way of regulating and filtering content for different groups of people. For instance, the content tailored for old people must not be viewed by minors.

The society has a role to play as well, everybody should be responsible for their own actions, they should know what affects them and what does not affect them on the social networking sites, and they should take the step to avoid such sites. They should also know the important aspects of life and the ways to deal with them in order to achieve their goals, instead of wasting all their time on the internet. Many people need to avoid things that bring health hazards to their life, having known that too much exposure to this digital technology brings about health complications like eyesight problems, brain damage, physical discomfort, and obesity. They should, therefore, spend a little time on the internet and other digital related devices like phones or iPods.

Internet service providers should enforce strict monitoring procedures. They should not expose people to harmful content. There should be limits, such as age limit for the certain sites that may be important to adults and not too young people. There should be education on internet users so that they become aware of conmen, bullying, kidnappers, and other related dangerous activities that go on the net. Many get into the trap not because they were ignorant, but because they were not aware.

There should be some suitable penalties for every offender. There is a need to revisit the policies that govern internet usage. Anyone found going against these rules and regulations must face a severe penalty or be banned from accessing the World Wide Web. This can be useful by introducing the policy of registering and getting passwords to the specific sites so that in case of any dangerous practice, the person can easily be located. Parents should also watch and educate their own children on internet use and make them aware of the consequences of using the internet most of their time. They need to encourage them to do exercises outside the house in order to avoid some health hazards and laziness. Technology is not a thing to avoid and it eventually advances; therefore, the people involved need to adjust to the global community and technology and bring additional benefits to the society of information and communication technology. The media industry should have the goal to add quality shows that expose the world and incorporate other cultures worldwide.

About the author:

Laura Duncan is a specialist in English literature at Orlando University. She is currently working on a variety of topics related to studying the state of sociology. Laura is the leading explorer of US poetry of the 20th century and I am Joaquin summary one of the most important analytical research in her career. She also studies the influence of literature and language on the consciousness of society.


5 Cliches About Promoting SEO In Instagram You Should Avoid

Have you ever visited an Instagram page and seen how dynamic it is? There is a certain criterion that makes one particular Instagram post stand out from the others. There is something about selling yourself on Instagram if you are a well-known celebrity or just starting your career that you should remember. And there are certain things to remember about SEO when setting up your Instagram page and placing pictures and videos there.

This article will tell you 5 clichés about promoting SEO in Instagram that you should avoid.


There is an old saying that “to thine own self be true.” Your Instagram page is about other people getting to know you. When you have too many photos of others on your Instagram, people who are visiting there will not know whose Instagram page it is. Place photos and videos of you that are funny, interesting and informative. Some of the best Instagram pages have a great selection of their Instagram photos and stories.


While hashtags are a great way to get to a specific topic within an Instagram post, they can also be misused and overused. Too many hashtags takes away from the message that you are trying to convey. Your fans and visitors will lose interest if there are too many hashtags on one post. Keep it simple, Keep it original and use 3 hashtags at the most. Using hashtags sparingly will allow your fans and visitors of your Instagram page to enjoy what you really want them to see.


Whenever you repost something that you have seen on another person’s Instagram page, make sure and give them credit. Not giving credit to the post where you are reposting from is not only impolite, it is also illegal. Make sure and keep your posts as original as possible and when posting other original posts from other sources on Instagram, give credit to the owner of the Instagram page.


While your Instagram page photos should be about you, that should not be all it is about. No one wants to come to your Instagram page and see a barrage of just photos of you. Keep your page interesting with trips that you have taken, concerts you have done or other family members that have characters that are interesting too. You should be in the pictures as much as possible, but there can also be other elements that will keep your Instagram post interesting in the picture or video as well.


If you think that Instagram is a place for you to post all of your pictures, then think again. Instagram is a place for you to chronicle the golden moments and memories of your life. Instagram is meant to be used for those special things that happened in your life. Your first walk and talk, your first concert, memorabilia with your grandparents, videos that showcase your talents. Posting too much boring stuff that truly does not matter in the long run, will leave your fans and visitors moving on to the next person’s Instagram page. This guide to local SEO in 2019 talks about some of the things to avoid in social media. This will keep your Instagram posts interesting, informative and have you gaining more followers than you know what to do with.

As you begin to set up your Instagram photos and videos, think about what message you want to convey to your fans and visitors about yourself. Are you an actor or singer who is trying to introduce the different concerts that you have done this year? Or are you trying to help your audience to learn about your past and how you were brought up? Remember that just because you like something and follow someone, it does not mean that they will like what you place on your Instagram page and follow you back. Social media, like Instagram, is all about placing the most important things in your life. And while Instagram can be one of the best places for SEO and selling your brand name, it can also be detrimental to your career if you don’t avoid some of these things listed in this article. Always do your homework. Understand what Instagram is for, place interesting photographs and videos that describe who you are, describe moments in your life that are and were special to you, avoid too many hashtags and give credit to reposts from other people’s Instagram posts and pages. All of these not to do things will help you avoid the costly mistakes on an Instagram that is not benefitting you or your growing career.