5 Cliches About Promoting SEO In Instagram You Should Avoid

Have you ever visited an Instagram page and seen how dynamic it is? There is a certain criterion that makes one particular Instagram post stand out from the others. There is something about selling yourself on Instagram if you are a well-known celebrity or just starting your career that you should remember. And there are certain things to remember about SEO when setting up your Instagram page and placing pictures and videos there.

This article will tell you 5 clichés about promoting SEO in Instagram that you should avoid.


There is an old saying that “to thine own self be true.” Your Instagram page is about other people getting to know you. When you have too many photos of others on your Instagram, people who are visiting there will not know whose Instagram page it is. Place photos and videos of you that are funny, interesting and informative. Some of the best Instagram pages have a great selection of their Instagram photos and stories.


While hashtags are a great way to get to a specific topic within an Instagram post, they can also be misused and overused. Too many hashtags takes away from the message that you are trying to convey. Your fans and visitors will lose interest if there are too many hashtags on one post. Keep it simple, Keep it original and use 3 hashtags at the most. Using hashtags sparingly will allow your fans and visitors of your Instagram page to enjoy what you really want them to see.


Whenever you repost something that you have seen on another person’s Instagram page, make sure and give them credit. Not giving credit to the post where you are reposting from is not only impolite, it is also illegal. Make sure and keep your posts as original as possible and when posting other original posts from other sources on Instagram, give credit to the owner of the Instagram page.


While your Instagram page photos should be about you, that should not be all it is about. No one wants to come to your Instagram page and see a barrage of just photos of you. Keep your page interesting with trips that you have taken, concerts you have done or other family members that have characters that are interesting too. You should be in the pictures as much as possible, but there can also be other elements that will keep your Instagram post interesting in the picture or video as well.


If you think that Instagram is a place for you to post all of your pictures, then think again. Instagram is a place for you to chronicle the golden moments and memories of your life. Instagram is meant to be used for those special things that happened in your life. Your first walk and talk, your first concert, memorabilia with your grandparents, videos that showcase your talents. Posting too much boring stuff that truly does not matter in the long run, will leave your fans and visitors moving on to the next person’s Instagram page. This guide to local SEO in 2019 talks about some of the things to avoid in social media. This will keep your Instagram posts interesting, informative and have you gaining more followers than you know what to do with.

As you begin to set up your Instagram photos and videos, think about what message you want to convey to your fans and visitors about yourself. Are you an actor or singer who is trying to introduce the different concerts that you have done this year? Or are you trying to help your audience to learn about your past and how you were brought up? Remember that just because you like something and follow someone, it does not mean that they will like what you place on your Instagram page and follow you back. Social media, like Instagram, is all about placing the most important things in your life. And while Instagram can be one of the best places for SEO and selling your brand name, it can also be detrimental to your career if you don’t avoid some of these things listed in this article. Always do your homework. Understand what Instagram is for, place interesting photographs and videos that describe who you are, describe moments in your life that are and were special to you, avoid too many hashtags and give credit to reposts from other people’s Instagram posts and pages. All of these not to do things will help you avoid the costly mistakes on an Instagram that is not benefitting you or your growing career.