Pay-Per-Click Mistakes You Will Want to Avoid

With the new marketing strategies making its place in the technology world, somewhere pay-per-click marketing is also not laying back. It is rapidly spreading in the marketing world. This process allows the advertiser to earn visits whenever his/her ad is clicked. This is method earns the visits definitely in an innovative way.

A pay-per-click marketing method is becoming the smartest technique to get customers to any website. There are tools like Google AdWords, Yahoo, and others by which PPC advertising can be done. The business owners are responsible to pay a certain fee to get their ad displayed in the area of search results.

But that isn’t it. If PPC is not implemented in the way it should be it can get risky. It can cause you to lose money and you won’t be getting any new visits on your site too. So to avoid these certain risk we have gathered a bunch of things you should avoid while doing PPC marketing and you won’t be losing your visits or your money:

1. Advertising for One gadget

We all know mobile is becoming the most used gadget even for marketing purpose but focusing only phones can cause you to lose your leads. Your ad should be optimized for all kinds of gadgets. Examine your ad with multiple CTA and conversion flow which will help you target more audience.

2. Do not send visitors to your contact page

Another commonly made mistake is sending your PPC visitors to ‘contact us page’. You would never want that until you want to piss your customer. Sending customers to force email newsletter or submission forms only hurt them and decrease the chances of sales. Let your user navigate around the site and ad freely. Don’t impose submission forms over your audience.

3. Running PPC ads without testing

To get the most effective PPC results, test your ads multiple times over different platforms. Always spilled-test your ads by making many versions of the ad’s text for every of your PPC ad groups.

All PPC engines are capable of spilt-test, but make sure they do as your ad will be displayed on various platforms so it must generate significant data.

4. Never rely totally on broad match’ keyword ads

Broad match keywords are only displayed whenever some or half part of your target keyword phrase is searched. This gather generates better traffic. For example, your keyword is ‘divorce attorney’ for a broad match ad, your ad will appear in the result pages for ‘divorce attorney’. But it will also appear in searches like “reasons for divorce” or “DUI attorney”. In cases like these, you are wasting your money.

5. Not taking benefit of negative keyword

Using of negative keywords helps. But people often fail to use the negative keywords which result in the prevention of ads. For instance, the addition of the word ‘dui’ as a negative keyword in your PPC ad group will stop your ‘divorce attorney’ from displaying in the results. Using negative keywords in your PPC campaign will control relevancy and accuracy without decreasing the potential traffic of customers.

Avoid making these mistakes for an effective PPC advertising network campaign.