Why You Need Address Validation

Even though the technologies of the 21st century have reduced the regular mail marketing to a minimum, they substantially increased online shopping making the postal offices as busy as ever. The importance of having a correct postal address is hard to underestimate.

The expenses a company incurs by sending mail or parcels to the non-existent addresses are formidable. Meanwhile, working with the wrong address reduces the efficiency of the marketing efforts.

1.  Mailing List Hygiene

When you have a client share a postal address, it’s important to check it on a regular basis. People have a tendency to move. And they are unlikely to let you know about it. Mailing your promotional products to the wrong address is not just costly; it may be annoying to the new homeowner.

Imagine sending dog food samples to a person who doesn’t like pets. You may even get a negative review from such a person on your website.

2.  Marketing Campaign Results

Companies still use regular mail to market their products. Catalogs and samples are a great way to get the attention of the target audience. However, creating all this promotional material is too expensive to send it to the wrong people.

In the best case, the mail will be returned. However, you will incur extra mailing expenses, which are so easy to avoid.

3.  Typing Mistakes

When you ask a customer to share a mailing address, they can easily make a typo. One wrong digit and you get a non-existing address. Such mistakes happen even more frequently when the address is spelled out during a phone conversation.

Imagine sending products to such an address. You don’t just suffer from extra expenses, you frustrate the customer who doesn’t get the goods on time.

Checking a mailing address is vital even if you recently got it. People make mistakes. Thankfully, machines usually don’t. So using a validator is an excellent solution.

4.  Saved Time

While sending mail to the wrong address is costly, rectifying the mistakes also takes time. You are paying salaries to the marketing team members to deal with promotional issues, not returned mail.

The less attention you pay to the mailing list hygiene, the more time you spend dealing with undelivered mail, unhappy customers, and frustrated recipients. It takes only a few seconds to validate an address while it may take days to deal with the consequences of mailing something to the wrong one.

5.  Improved Customer Service

Paying special attention to the customer information can improve the customer service you are offering. If you are keeping tabs on all the address changes, new preferences, and arising questions, you are bound to become the top choice for your target audience.

Good customer service starts with small details. Keeping the information clear is the key to keeping the customers happy.

Address validators have been improving the quality of numerous marketing campaigns for years while saving companies time and money. Many validators come with free online versions to help you choose the best one for your business. You may want to consider checking out the following:

  • Byteplant – local and international address validation online. Comes with a free trial
  • XVerify – simple address checking online. You can check up to 5 addresses for free per day
  • Experian – an address validation tool which uses a USPS database

Taking advantage of these simple tools can help you improve your marketing campaign and boost profits. Using them takes only several minutes, but the results can save hours.