The Mapping Service for the Infrastructure of the Internet

What is ’information infrastructure’? It has been defined as ‘an open, shared, evolving standardized and diverse installed base’. Another definition is that all:

  • Procedures
  • Processes
  • Peoples
  • Facilities
  • Tools
  • and technology

Supporting the:

  • Creation
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Use and destruction of information

All of these encompasses internet infrastructure.

 The Infrastructure of the internet

This internet infrastructure is built and operated by internet service providers after they have designed them. ISP or internet service providers such as AT&T and Verizon do a great deal of this designing and building. Then a business can ask an ISP for access to the internet. The ISP naturally ties into the data center infrastructure located in a secured and dedicated building space.


Companies such as Microsoft host more and more of their data underwater. Most important networks that connect to the global telecom’s infrastructure between continents all must run under the seabed. As more and more tech giants increasing -grow services of the “cloud”, which is the edge to competing in this market. Because of this, they are dependent on two things – investment and connecting to this underwater network. The company that has been doing the work on this underwater network offers free mapping services to this network for data professionals who are seeking up to date information on the entire infrastructure as it grows.


The most important mapping service offers this information free and that is Infrapedia. They will be able to help companies to find the only point on the web where engineers can access the 3500 datacenters, 15000 networks and hundreds of fiber providers including terrestrial fiber and submarine fiber network providers. Those that need to connect to this network underwater need to know which submarine cable routes they should choose to create a more diverse network or is there some common points that network providers meet at. Where is the datacenter alternative for ISP providers in a city – of course, they can meet with Infrapedia to get that information which in most cases will be given for free.