Benefits of using TTSPY tracker app

Today you may need a way to keep track of or monitor what he is doing if your child has his own smartphone. If you want to do that, the spy application for offering you a way to limit the time of your child on your device and keep track of usage and location, and block apps and games.

TTSPY phone tracker app does almost everything, so you can adjust exactly what your children can access, set time limits, and track locations. This software offers tools to set up homework and bedtime or to limit the total time a child spends on a mobile phone. There is also support for geofencing and location tracking to receive alerts when the phone enters and leaves certain areas, so you can see where your child is. In addition, you can block app on child’s smart hone, apply internet filters, monitor calls and text messages, and monitor your contact list. Following are the two main features of TTSPY:

Blocking app on the target phone and time limits

The TTSPY spy app has the ability to prevent children from using selected applications. This is useful for parents to prevent children from using social media applications, hard-to-monitor messaging services, or browsers that use predefined web filters. However, it may be difficult to keep track of every new application that your child installs. App blocking works differently on iOS. If necessary, you can block access to system applications such as Safari, Camera, and Siri. You can even remove application icons from the home screen, so your child may not have access to them.

Knowing the exact location with the TTSPY app

The parental control mobile app must at least be able to follow the current location of the child and some historical location data and it is also important to have some control over the frequency of reports and location reports to prevent parents from being attacked with useless data. The TTSPY tracker app has such functions.

The TTSPY tracker app also allows you to build a geofence around a location. For inexperienced people, a geofence is a digital boundary around a physical location that helps parents track the time a child arrives or departs from a particular location. With the tracker app, you can also add a time dimension to Geobara, so you can easily see where your child should be all day.