App Marketing and Mobile Marketing Business: What Should You Know?

To develop your business, your company should take advantage of technological advances and adapt its commercial strategy. With the exponential growth of smartphone adoption, mobile marketing brings you an excellent return on investment. The mobile also knows the best early conversion.

It will not disappear traditional web marketing, but will occupy a place of choice.

Before you introduce 5 reasons why mobile marketing, also called m-marketing, is getting more important, let’s see exactly what it’s all about.

Mobile marketing: develop your business with a smartphone

What is mobile marketing?

Quick definition: mobile marketing aims to reach your customers on their mobile phone, their smartphone or even their mobile phone. Used properly, it reaches your prospects and customers with personalized and geolocated content. Bonus: they get the info they need when they are most likely to act. This is, for example, the case of SMS marketing.

I could tell you that mobile is the future of marketing. But in reality, any web marketing agency knows that it is already present. If your SME implements mobile marketing in its strategy, you will be ahead of other players.

Why consider developing through mobile-marketing?

Just as your customers have access to the internet, they have a mobile. Go around the city and you will find that many people are nosed in their smartphone. Statistics show this, the use of the internet is more and more on the phone. Check it out App Samurai website to get more information.

My nephew who is 17 years old rarely uses a PC but is constantly nose in his smartphone. Even to chat with friends. Or, we can no longer ignore the explosive growth of mobile use.

We know it, the mobile between every day a little more in our daily life. And that will only get stronger in the future. If you do not have a mobile strategy yet, it may be time to set it up.


Smart Business Move: Texting Solution To Increase Conversions

With the ubiquity of handheld devices over the last decade or so, mobile marketing has become the most popular way to interact with customers. A 2015 report from the Pew Research Center showed that two-thirds of the adult population in America uses a smartphone. Of these, 97 percent use SMS at least once a day.

There are plenty of studies like these, showing just how explosive mobile marketing could be. Restaurant chains realized this and moved in to capitalize on a way of interacting with customers many retailers often overlook. Your strategy and approach will, of course, determine whether your marketing attempts are helpful or annoying.

Nevertheless, text messaging is a viable way to increase conversions and attract a mass of new customers that can push your brand to new heights.

Higher response rates

The most surprising thing about SMS marketing is the response rate. Replies, clicks and such actions stand at 45 percent for SMS much higher than the response rate for email marketing of a mere 6 percent.

Using text messaging to increase conversions

Promotional texting takes a smart strategy to work as it should. You will like the fact that texting is one of the ways to get a loyal customer base that comes back repeatedly. This is mainly because the text message has always been one of the most personalized means of communication we have.

Use short trackable URLs

Your text message should always include links to your online pages. Short links make the text messages easier to read and use lesser characters. Use systems that shorten links automatically and have the longer underlying code carry a tracking code to help you assess the success of the text message. That way you have a system to measure bounce rates, clicks, and sales. You should also read the piece about text message marketing, text messaging: business texting solution. You will find more in-depth information about text marketing focusing mainly on strategy.

Don’t overuse MMS

Sure, photos and graphics make the message more relatable and thus convert better. However, you need to remember that not everyone has a phone that can process such messages. Besides, these take more time to open and cost more to send.

Use a personal touch whenever possible

A personalized message increases conversions. People want brands that fit into their lifestyle, and what better way to do this than with a personal touch. First off, you need to segment your audience in order to send them targeted messages. By doing this, you avoid annoying your prospective customers with out-of-touch messages.

Also, remember to ask them to specify what types of updates they want at the opt-in option. Find out what they are interested in, be it contests, promotions, products, or live events. This could also extend to the type of product alerts they want to receive.

Make one precise call-to-action

The message on your call-to-action should be short, and restricted to one topic. These kinds of messages that address one important factor work best. Below are examples of such short messages.

Sam’s Shoes: Save 25{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} on our fall clearance sale! [Insert link to website]

Sally’s Inn: Come for a night of wine tasting on Dec. 22. Free entrance and prizes. 21+ [insert link to website]

There are numerous ways to exploit text marketing for your business. You just have to come up with an authentic approach to set your business apart. Learn more about text marketing, remember to check out Business Text Messaging: Business Texting Solution for more reading.


How to Get the Maximum Reach for Your Business in Short Span of Time

Digital marketing has turned out to be one of the hot and happening space and all businesses are reliant on this particular medium of marketing. It would be right to say that there is no business that is not reliant on marketing technologies and services. Having said that, all the difference in marketing and its reach rely upon the kind of marketing service provider that you choose to go with. The best marketing company that uses the latest technologies, techniques, and strategies are able to render better results in a short span of time. When it comes to choosing a marketing company, it is necessary that one looks into some important aspects like that of reliability, professionalism, cost-effectiveness, results, reputation and other such important things.

Professional and dedicated services

A professional and dedicated sydney seo company would ensure to offer the best sort of results to its customer as they would have a concrete plan of action based on which they act and proceed. Professional SEO services are those that work towards achieving the goals and expectation of its clients without compromising on the ethics. They would also make sure to keep the customers constantly updated on the progress of the whole marketing initiative by keeping them in the loop from the start to the end.

Mobile marketing

Of late, the concept of mobile marketing is known to have garnered a lot of attention and many new businesses are looking to make use of this effective marketing techniques to achieve optimal results. When it comes to mobile marketing, it is necessary to take some extra effort in order to achieve the results as expected and this is what an efficient, reliable and dedicated SEO service provides like that of the Smart Marketing Company is known to provide for its customers.