Important features of ‘Woocommerce Product Add on’ plugins that could improve your sales


The product add-ons plugin or the custom field plugin in Woocommerce is one of the most vital plugins in enhancing the product page features of any Woocommerce store and thereby making an addition of customized fields to the woocommerce product page relatively simpler and effortless. Here we’re reviewing some of the important features of woocommerce product addons which we found to be the best in terms of positive rating and cost.

Now, let us delve on the features offered by this plugin

Input Fields and Text Area

You could add custom product input fields with different types of number, text, password, email and more. In addition, you would also be able to set a specific price based on the number of characters. It could also be multiplied to the entered value by the user. The text area field could be used for collecting multi-line strings from potential customers. This feature can be used to any extent, in the sense you could collect any data (as it is an input field) and enhance the order processing experience to the customers.

Choosing Field and File Uploading

Another great feature of the Product addon plugin is that admin can set various options in the backend like adding a drop-down option or a file uploading option.  You would be given the help option for adding multiple items as the drop-down. The customers could make use of single or multiple items as per their configuration. Moreover, you could set specific price common for all fields along with different price set for the different field. This comes really handy when users need to select a particular variant or need to give some images or other files to be used – especially if this is for a service like custom t-shirt printing or Mug printing.

The file upload field could be used for the collection of the file from users. Files could be images, documents, videos and anything that could be supported by WordPress. The uploaded file could be stored in the uploads folder. It could easily be accessed by URL from the backend of the website.

Checkbox Along with Radio Group

The checkbox along with the radio group offered by woocommerce product addon plugin  would be helping you choose from several items set in the backend. The checkbox used to choose several items whereas; radio was used for single selection. Moreover, woocommerce extra product options would set different prices to help you reach different fields.

The admin could configure and reveal other available options that could be chosen provided the customer looks for other available options rather than the ones configured. Moreover, the user could submit their value as other value.

Date and Time Field

The date and time field, date field and time field have been made available with the plugin. The user has the choice of date from the customized design calendar that could enter the value directly. The time fields have been known to work in a similar manner.

Custom Price Fields

The price could be set for all available fields with the plugin. The price could be fixed value or percentage value of the overall product base price. The price could be calculated, based on the number of characters entered by the user. The price could also be calculated by multiplying the entered user value – it could be a fixed value or a percentage of the product price.

Price Formulas

Users can also set price formulas to calculate a price based on order value, quantity etc. This feature comes in handy to the website owners as it is a great add-on for enhancing up-sales.

Conditional Logic

This helps website admins to show or hide a particular field based on some pre-defined logic – for instance, it could be based on the cart value or based on some other field chosen. There are 18 condition types available in this plugin, as of now.

Image Selection

This helps website admins to set custom images in the back-end so that users can chose the same. This is especially useful when you want your customers to identify by a logo or a custom image of the product variant and chose from there.

Google Map Selector

There is also an option to adding the location selector using the Google Places API, which will give suggestions to users based on what they type as location.

This popular plugin also known as woocommerce extra product options has a free version on This is one of the top-rated plugins in WordPress, as of now, would help in showing the list of time slots for the user to choose one. One of the most admirable features f this plugin is that it comes with an easy to use, drag-and-drop form builder, which makes it pretty easier for developers without getting into the complexities. Having an easy to clean customized form builder, you would be able to put woocommerce extra product options in a quick manner.

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