Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

When it comes to Digital Marketing almost every industry has a way to communicate their content through various Online marketing channels. Real estate industry is not an exception as they are increasingly trying to engage the user with their presence. Virtual reality visit, Facebook communication, online files tracking, HD videos etc.

Discover the four major digital marketing strategies that will make all the difference in your online presence.

Submit a customer profile online

The era is clearly about transparency and traceability. Even as private-to-private solutions are booming thanks to the web, the real estate agent’s challenge is to use the same medium to communicate with customers and demonstrate all its added value.

Even small agencies must today be able to offer each customer a personal space online, on which the interested party can access all the steps taken by the professional to advance his file: the seller a property, ideally, should not have to contact the agent himself to know for example the number of visits, and can also use his profile to scan and exchange important documents (diagnostics, new photos …). Homeowners will also appreciate this personalized space where they can receive alerts about new properties that meet their search criteria.

Redouble your activity on social networks

Social networks are still neglected by most of the real estate professionals, who do not find an immediate commercial interest. In fact, Facebook is not the tool used primarily by individuals who are considering a real estate transaction. With some 2 billion users connecting every month in the US alone, the largest social network in the world is still the contemporary equivalent of the ancient forum, where it is essential to display and to make a name.

By accumulating subscribers and gradually expanding your community of followers, you mechanically increase your notoriety and the potential effect of word-of-mouth: individuals will spontaneously think of you rather than another professional when buy or sell tip on the horizon.

Integrate new virtual reality tools

Propose tours of goods in virtual reality? Most professionals will already imagine the prohibitive cost of buying a helmet and the laborious modeling of every home and apartment in 3D. Simpler and more affordable solutions exist today though! All you have to do now is to propose this new exploration mode by inserting a link from the classified ad. Even – many – individual’s private virtual reality headset can enjoy the experience on a conventional screen (desktop, tablet …).

The photo is not enough, think of the video!

Failing to immerse yourself in the delights of virtual reality, a good compromise may be to add videos to your ad, preferably with a high level of definition. Much more than a static and sometimes misleading photograph, a video can simulate the path in a dwelling and often gives a better idea of volumes and proportions. Interesting bonus: the regular production of videos allows you to feed a YouTube profile, to earn subscribers gradually and thus to gain additional visibility on the web.

The use of video is also a commercial argument to enrich your storefront. According to a recent survey, 73{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} of sellers admit a preference for real estate agents using video to promote their properties.

Digital technologies are constantly evolving and allow you to gain both visibility and quality of service. Do not wait to seize this opportunity and increase your market share.