Converting Video Formats Using Movavi Video Converter

Initially converting video formats may seem complicated, mostly due to the fact that there are so many formats out there and you probably don’t recognize the majority of them. On top of that trying to wrap your head around the technical aspects of converting videos can be difficult, and so you may shy away from it in general.

The good news is that converting video formats can be easy, and all you need is Movavi Online Video Converter. It is a simple converter that will make converting video formats a piece of cake, while at the same time also offering you lots of powerful features that could help in various ways.

If and when you want to convert video using Movavi Video Converter, just launch it then click ‘Add Media’ and select ‘Add Video’ then find the video you’d like to convert. By selecting the video you’ll add it to the software, or alternatively, you could drag it into the main window as indicated by the large arrow.

Next, you should select one of the formats in the lower section of Movavi Video Converter. Click on the ‘Video’ tab to choose a specific format, or click on the ‘Devices’ tab to select a preset for a particular device that will automatically use the best possible video format and settings accordingly.

Technically that’s all you need to do to convert the format of your video, and you can click ‘Convert’ at any time to proceed. However, before you do you may want to adjust the other video parameters such as the frame rate, resolution, or bit rate. If you want to compress the video, you can click on the output file size field where the video is listed, and adjust the slider to the file size that you want.

Another important aspect of Movavi Video Converter is the fact that it can edit videos by cropping or rotating their frame, enhancing the video quality, fixing common problems, or adding captions. It can also be used to convert audio files or images, and you can in turn use that fact to create animated GIFs from your video clips, extract and save audio tracks as audio files, or grab stills of individual frames of video.

All these powerful features are designed to be just as easy to use as the rest of Movavi Video Converter, and so you should have no trouble taking advantage of them. If nothing else you should at least be able to see just how easy it is to convert video formats, and so you will be able to always make sure your videos are compatible or even optimized for the devices or platforms you want to watch them on.