Areas to Focus on when Measuring SEO Performance

Measuring how your SEO performance is doing is essential. This helps you assess how effective or not the campaign is. You do want to know which specific metrics you should focus on when measuring how well or not your campaign has been doing.

When measuring SEO performance, it is best to focus on things where measurement makes sense. While there may be thousands of metrics that can attempt to measure, you will find that only a finite set of these metrics can be possibly so. You have to decide on what is important to the company too. Whether it is to get more traffic or to reach specific revenue goals, it helps to determine what is important to you and measure it. Also, you need to measure those metrics that you know you can control. It is best to only measure things that you know you can impact.

According to expert Mason Soiza, below are some of the key areas that you should measure as far as SEO performance goes

Measure your SEO ranking or position. There are professionals in the industry who think that ranking reports are highly flawed as a metric. This is generally true especially if one were to consider localization, personalization, and other variables are often at play in SERPs so getting ranked first for a single term holds little to no meaning.

However, one should look at trends. Keywords should be grouped in their respective categories and then tracked for a long time. This will help you see what their average position is over time. Find out too if the page ranking the keyword is fluctuating or if it remains constant. This will help you determine if you are actually on the right track as far as the page goes- something that you can also apply to the other pages on the site.

Track not only the amount of traffic to your site but its trend as well. You can choose to track only the organic traffic coming from Google. You can choose to track other search engines too. While there are people that track the organic traffic on their site as a specific percentage of its regular traffic, it may be best to track it in certain sections within the site such as category pages, main pages, news or blog pages, and informational or product pages. This makes it easier to determine how much impact certain efforts had in terms of the SEO campaign’s success.

Another element that must be tracked but can be quite difficult to do so is customer engagement. While it is made up of many things, what you ultimately want to know is whether visitors take any action the moment they visit your site. Different sites have different goals as far as visitor action is concerned. Some may want visitors to stay longer and read the content on each of the pages. Some sites have customer purchases as their ultimate goal. A good metric for evaluating how successful customer engagement is to check on the number of new customers that the SEO campaign was able to drive.

Most importantly, one needs to check on the leads generated and the revenue. This should be pretty easy to track and should it easier to determine whether all the SEO effort has indeed made the kind of impact that it was expected to. Know more about the importance of measuring your SEO performance by reading more about Mason Soiza online.