How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

The Internet has evolved considerably over the last few years. The way this platform is overused for searching information, data, products or services is no longer the same. People used to type text in the Google search engine and received closest possible search results but today, people can use this function by using their own voice. Today, the virtual assistant Siri, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Bixby, Alice (AIVC) and more have gained a lot of popularity among netizens. In personal laptops, Cortana, the virtual assistant is always there to help users.

If you think that typing long phrases or keywords to look for specific information yield best results, think again. You will be surprised to know that voice search also offer the same results. You not only save a lot of time but effort of typing too. The idea of voice search has captured the imagination of the internet users and today they are using their voice to search for information. This virtual assistant talks like a human and as such appears to be real and natural.

Currently, 20 percent of query comes from voice research and around 55 percent people rely on voice search to look for information at least twice a day. Using this option is as simple as talking to a person with a specific demand and the assistant fulfilling it in no time. If you are visiting another city or country for that matter and wish to find out restaurants, you can simply use voice assistant with “find a restaurant near me” and the assistant will show the results of places to eat closest to you. Similarly, one can send text messages or check the weather of the place using voice search. If you are looking for SEO Services in India, you can again use voice search to find the best options.

The advantages of this technology are ample. You can get things done faster and more efficiently. Your saved time can be put to a better use. Soon, Google is coming up with an update where appointments could be taken our device by making a call in the background. If you wish to optimize your website voice search, here are some of the ways.

Google My Business Listings

Whenever we use a search engine to look for a specific product or a service by typing keywords or phrases, we get a lot of information in the search results. There may be many companies offering the same products or services. Thus, it is significant that business information is shared in the contact page of your website. It can be done by claiming Google My Business Listings for the website. This way, Google look for your company information, the products and services provided by you and the address of the company along with a map, the contact details and more. Your SEO Services provider can also help you in this regard. Thus, if your website is optimized as per local keywords, entire information about your company and will be shown in the results when a user searches for products or services in your area that is offered by you.

A Mobile-Friendly Site

It is important to understand that these days, a majority of people use their smartphones for voice searches. Thus, it is imperative that the website is mobile-friendly. Ensure a responsive website design for your website to get best search results. Moreover, your website must load at a fast rate so as to retain customers on the site for a longer time.

High speed of website

It is equally important to ensure a decent speed of the WordPress website. It can be checked using PageSpeed Insights and make improvement where necessary.

Communication with virtual assistants

If you wish to enhance traffic to your website and want that more visitors reach your business, use sentences that people commonly use to search something. These common keywords can then be optimized for voice search of the site. Use a variety of sentences or phrases yourself and see the result. Accordingly suitable content can be generated.

Other factors that are worth looking into are structured data markup and more that help in optimizing website for voice search. Choose a reliable SEO Company in India that can help you in this endeavor.