8 Best Screenshot Apps for Mac & Windows


To capture, save and share screenshots has become a really crucial thing especially for any designer’s process. Screenshots are used for a myriad of scenarios during the design process, which include collecting feedbacks, visual curation, and place-saving. Designers mostly lose a lot of time during the manual process to capture and save them.

But, there are various handy screenshot tools which are cloud-based to capture or/and upload real-time screenshots. So if you wish to know more, check the below-mentioned Best Screenshot Apps for Mac & Windows.

1. Lightshot

Price: Free

Compatible with: Mac and Windows

Lightshot is one among the easiest-to-use and best screenshot apps for Mac & Windows. It allows you to snag as well as share screenshots in an easy manner and also allows you to edit photos or do a similar image search.

2. Skitch

Price: Free

Compatible with: Mac and Windows

Skitch by Evernote allows you to take as well as annotate the screenshots. You are able to utilize this app for an existing image or for capturing a new shot — and further add text, notes or images to it. Moreover, Skitch is a very useful app for people who work in design project collaborations.

3. Ember

Price: $25.00

Compatible with: Mac

Ember allows you to capture a variety of screenshots including whole desktops, single windows or/and a selected portion. The app can help you in saving the entire web page, and with its organizational capabilities, it allows you to sort the required images into collections. Moreover, Ember syncs with Dropbox.

4. PicPick

Price: $21.99-$8.99 per user

Compatible with: Windows

A Windows tool named PicPick for screenshots enables one to capture, edit as well as share images. PicPick app is highly customizable, and hence, it also allows you to configure things, for example, hotkeys or/and image quality.

5. Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast

Price: Free

Compatible with: Mac and Windows (Google Chrome Extension)

Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast is basically a Google Chrome plugin which is used for capturing web pages as well as video from the screen. The app comes equipped with editing and annotating abilities for your screenshots, and you can also comment on video screencasts.

6. Marker

Price: Free

Compatible with: Mac and Windows (Google Chrome Extension)

Marker is another free screen capture tool by Google Chrome. With this, you are able to save annotated screenshots to programs such as Trello, Slack, Github and more.

7. TinyGrab

Price: Free

Compatible with: Mac and Windows

TinyGrab is more focused on social sharing with which you are able to take screenshots on the go and upload them to social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. very easily.

8. ShareX

Price: Free

Compatible with: Windows

ShareX helps you to capture images as well as video from the screen. Moreover, ShareX is a free tool (also free of ads) and comes with amazing image editing abilities. It also supports 50 plus images, file hosting services, text, as well as various URL shortening services.

9. TinyTake

Price: Free

Compatible with: Windows and Mac

TinyTake comes with annotation tools and allows you to capture images or/and video from the screen. Moreover, TinyTake keeps the history and hence, you can get back to images that you captured previously.

10. Greenshot

Price: Free

Compatible with: Windows

Greenshot helps you in taking a screenshot of the whole screen as well as a selected portion, and it also allows capturing the Internet Explorer web pages. With Greenshot, you are able to export the screenshot in various ways, including email, printing, etc.

What are your favorite screenshot apps at the moment?

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