5 Optimization Software to Clean and Tune up Mac

Macs are pretty good at keeping themselves safe from viruses and malware, but sometimes after you’ve been using your Mac for a long time you can find it a cluttered and bloated mess. There are plenty of choices out there for software that can help you clean up your Mac and make it as good as new. Some of these tools will even increase the performance of your Mac and make it better than before.

  • MacKeeper

MacKeeper is one of the most popular tools available to make sure that your Mac is clean and decluttered. The good thing about MacKeeper is the fact that it has many features other than just cleaning up and decluttering your Mac. It is an all in one tool for making sure your Mac stays healthy and in working order for as long as possible.

MacKeeper works by deleting duplicate files which are much more common than you might think. By removing leftover files from uninstalled software, including widgets and browser extensions. Overall MacKeeper is a safe way to clear up gigabytes of space.

  • CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac is one of the most popular pieces of utility software for Mac on the internet. It’s fairly straightforward to use and in a few clicks you can easily clean up gigabytes of useless space on your Mac. The most interesting thing about CleanMyMac is the fact that not only does it clean up your Mac from excess data. It also comes with six amazing utilities that you can use to optimize and tune up your Mac.

CleanMyMac is one of the most beloved Mac utilities by reviewers. If you look at any CleanMyMac review you’ll see that almost all reviewers equally applaud its usefulness.

  •  IObit MacBooster

IObit MacBooster is an effective tool that focuses more on tuning up your rather than just getting rid of unnecessary files and clutter. The main selling point of IObit MacBooster is how it is an all in one app. IObit MacBooster not only cleans up and tunes your mac it also serves as an anti-virus software as well as being an all in one optimization tool.

  • Stellar SpeedUp Mac

SpeedUp Mac is another piece of software that focuses more on tuning and increasing performance rather than just being a clean-up utility. SpeedUp Mac promises an increase of 25{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} in system performance. While this doesn’t always work, SpeedUp Mac does consistently help remove clutter from your system ensuring that it does run noticeably faster after installing.

  • CCleaner Pro

CCleaner is a special app when compared to the rest because it is not just limited to Macs. CCleaner is the most well-known cross-platform optimization App. It works on both Windows and Mac machines. Meaning that if you just recently switched from Microsoft Windows to Mac you’ll find the software more familiar than Mac exclusives.

Keep your Mac clean

Really the most important tip for keeping your Mac uncluttered and fast is to apply good judgment when using your computer, and checking the reviews on any software you decide to use.