How to Write a Business Plan to Capture Investors Attention

The majority of people who are just beginning in business or have been doing business for some time are quick to ask why a person or business needs a business plan.  This has a simple answer – you make plans for everything that you do.  This is a tutorial that will help you to see clearly that you care and make it possible to better understand exactly where you are going.  A well-written business plan will open doors to new opportunities.


The impact that a well-written, comprehensive and easy to understand the start-up business plan should never be overlooked.  A business plan that is simple is what you need as it enables you to grow your business by attracting money from investors.  If you want to make decisions that are sound for your business, you will need a marketing plan that opens for you all the benefits for help that you need to establish as well as develop a useful plan that is always available for use.  With a business plan, you can identify possible weaknesses when you share the plan with people who can help you by pointing out all errors.  If you want shareholders to take you seriously, the best way to do this is in a well-written business plan.


Plans for business are also important for your development as an entrepreneur; they are quite beneficial for establishing strategies.  It often is hard to stay on a working strategy unless you have a simple business plan that is there to remind you all this time, so you may always re-visit.  The plan also makes your business objectives clear, priorities will make more sense and your educated guesses will be much better.

When writing a business plan your intention is to make it simple, short and most importantly precise.  You want to make sure that readers and listeners have a complete understanding of the message you are trying to pass so you will be able to easily impress them.  These elements are important components of every valuable business plan.

Executive Summary

Many people who will be reading your business plan are busy and have a short attention span.  To keep their interest, it is important to write a summary of all your business represents.  This includes business strategy, plan, marketing and everything in between structure to them.  You need to also include executive and organizational goals here to help the readers to understand where you are going. 

A good executive summary should contain your mission statement, goals, and the direction you are taking in the future.  It will also help to give a brief explanation on why you are starting the company as well as details of experience in the industry you are in or you are trying to enter.  With all this information, anyone that reads your business plan will quickly understand that you have insight that is deep on what you are planning to venture into and are more confident that investing in you and your business would not be a mistake.  Make sure that small bits of every relevant information in your business plan is mentioned again in the executive summary so you are sure that you covered everything from the beginning.

Company Description

Your company description will give you the opportunity to describe the most important parts of your business in full details.  A description like this makes your business look original and anyone who reads it would not have problems understanding the scope of your business idea and projections.  This is where you need to captivate your audience and gain their attention.