The Best Strategies to Boost Brand’s Snapchat Engagement

The introduction of Snapchat stories is working wonders as evidenced by a large number of users streaming there every day. It has already overtaken Twitter in popularity after hitting 150 million users every day. As a marketer, you can take advantage of the emerging popularity to leverage your brand. The following are the best strategies you can use to boost your brand’s Snapchat’s engagement.

Develop a strategy and create depth for your story

When brands come to Snapchat, they usually take to the hype and simply download the app before posting random images. However, they lack the right strategy which results in incoherence. To engage your clients more, it is important to think about what you are about to post. Comprehensively research the topic under consideration and create greater meaning when delivering through stories.

Bring aboard the target audience

To increase engagement with clients on Snapchat, consider asking them to participate in the story. Creatively design some components that make the audience feel it has a connection to the final results. This engagement creates a unique attachment that will lever your Digital Marketing and drive a lot of sales. Consider using stop-motion animation that simply requires people to tap the screen and make the contribution. Another option is running a survey and asking the participants to vote through screenshots. The more interactive your content on Snapchat is, the more the views.

Make the entire video about the community

While bringing the audience aboard to participate is enthralling, it is the community that will guarantee even better engagement. Think of telling everybody on Snapchat about the greatness of your audience. This can be in the form of a weekly game that involves the entire community with a unique attachment to the brand. The community becomes enrichment for the brand by outlining what can be done better and owns the results to sustain high sales.

Utilize Snapchat native tools creatively

When your followers come to your page, most of them are searching for creative and engaging content. Users should use native tools to draw on their snaps, add emoji, or use filters such a rewind and speed up to make everything interesting. There are a lot of creative options at the user’s disposal to make the story more interesting and entertaining.

Utilize Snapchat auto advance and hook features

One engagement feature that elevates Snapchat higher than others is the auto advance. When you use the feature, it allows the Snapchat story to move to the next page automatically so that even those who rarely check on your posts can stumble on it and be part of the viewers on that day. However, making such viewers stick will require a hook. In the beginning, consider hooking all the followers to let others appreciate what the story you are giving is all about. With this, they will become eager to know more and follow the other part of the story.


Engaging your target audience in Snapchat gives you the opportunity to learn about their preferences and make it part of the product generation. They own the process and keep growing the community to sustain sales and profitability. Remember that you must be extra creative to come up with niche specific products that draw interest from them.