5 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies

Online movie watching is on the rise from the last few years. Frugal movie buffs love to watch free movies on the internet. Online movie streaming also saves lots of time. You need not travel all the way to theatres. There are many free movie websites on the internet. Few sites require the users to register to watch the movies. There are also many spammy sites which ask you to fill a number of forms to stream movies. Here are some of the best and trusted free movie streaming websites where you can enjoy movies of all kinds of genres and different languages.


Popcornflix is an awesome place to watch your favorite movies without paying any subscription fees. The best thing about Popcornflix is you need not register to start watching the movies. It is a perfectly legal website for movie streaming. Popcornflix has got more than 2000 films in their collection. Their wide range of movie collection includes comedies, documentaries, dramas, horror movies, family and romantic movies. Reverb, Innocence, Jewtopia, Robot wars are some of the movies newly arrived on There are also all kinds of new and old TV shows on Popcornflix. Screen Media Ventures which is one of the popular production houses in the USA owns Popcornflix. Popcornflix is growing very fast and expanding their movie collection at a good pace.

Cosmo Tube

Cosmo Tube is another website where you can watch movies without signing up. You can browse through all kinds of movies using the filters. They show the ratings for each movie. They got movies in all kinds of genres. The user interface is very simple – just click on the movie and start watching. Rampage, The Miracle Season, Beirut, A Quiet Place are some of the popular movies available for free streaming on Cosmo Tube. You can find horror, comedy, documentaries, thrillers, romantic movies, action movies and other regional movies on Cosmo Tube.


Everyone knows about It’s the world’s second most popular website. You can use to watch a number of free movies produced across the globe. However, there is very less number of new movies on YouTube. You must pay something to watch the latest movies. But there are many old classics available for free streaming on You can access movies by going to the Movies section on Youtube. There are many new movies available on Youtube for rentals. Apart from movies, you can watch various kinds of interesting short films for free on Youtube.


Viewster is another online source where you can find free movies. Viewtster has got a decent number of new arrivals and old classics. The exciting thing about is that there are many unknown or less popular movies which you may like. There are many Korean dramas, science fiction movies, thrillers and movies of various genres in Viewster. Follow their twitter page to get updates on the Their filters help you to find top rated movies in your favorite genre very easily. Viewster has also got some good collection of comedy videos and TV shows.

Top Documentary Films

Documentary lovers would definitely love this documentary movie website. There is a large number of public domain documentaries available for free streaming on Top Documentary Films. They organized documentaries very well so that the users can find them easily. Their documentary collection is very extensive which includes History, Science, Technology, Nature, Politics, History etc. Top Documentary Films does not provide any movie watching interface. It just provides links to the free documentaries on the internet. It is like a documentary directory where you can find the sources of public domain documentaries.