WP Forms According to Your Requirement

How does our test of the best WordPress themes work? For each of the WordPress themes that we present in our selection, you can find indications on the promises, design, features, resources available and a conclusion on the theme.


We have already pointed out, it is not the top that you will select the theme Enfold. The main demo is not updated with the latest features and you will have to navigate between the demos to give you an idea of ​​everything that is achievable. It’s a shame and the theme suffered from a lack of upgrade in the face of competition. The wp forms coupon comes perfectly here.


Enfold is not among the top 5 WordPress theme sales in 2017 for nothing. We find very good compatibility with the tenor plugins of the market. In native, the theme incorporates Layer Slider (and not Revolution Slider) but not as a plugin. This means that the updates will be done at the same time as the theme. A plugin catches our attention, WooCommerce Bookings, which will allow you to create very good booking sites. Like all these competitors, you will find a builder of no page of the Avia Builder. Quite complete with about fifty modules. Unfortunately, it is not intended as a full plugin and you will not be able to migrate to another theme. So, if you change your theme, watch out for the disaster. A small detail that may have importance, Enfold is very well translated into French.

The resources

They are very limited despite a specific site. And most importantly, they are not updated. So if you need documentary resources, be aware that these very limited.

The theme is one of the most accessible for beginners. This is his great strength, especially compared to Avada and X. It is nice and quite complete. Despite everything, it remains on its achievements and lacks strong downhill updates at all levels. They risk losing a few more places in this ranking if the Kriesi team does not embark on a big project.

The 7

The promises

“The most customizable theme of the market”. Ah, the ego! But what if it’s true? For once the promise is not so far from reality and the theme WordPress The 7 offers real originality on customization. This is his main asset. We have detailed this in the features.


A very clean theme in terms of design. In the spirit of the times without being transcendent. The basic demo is graphically good but beware of the need to work with a graphic designer to reach such a level (especially in the image point of view). The rest is quite classic with a little mention more for the demo” digital artist “which breaks little codes and offers interesting graphics.