The Best Alternative to Typeform

Using web forms which are efficient tools to get responses and the result you need in both an easier and faster way is getting increasingly popular every day. Because of that, the companies offering web form creation and design tools are competing in the market to attract the greatest number of customers. As the very nature of the competition requires the web form preparation companies try to offer the best combination available. While some of them limit the amount of storage space or form number, others choose decreasing the price. In this article, we will see a good example of a form creation tool which is Typeform and the best alternative to it,


Typeform is an online web form creation tool allows you to create forms and share them with your connections. It uses a friendly approach that will help you to get more beautiful and conversational data in an easier way. Thus, we can say that your forms will be filled out with better opinions. On the other hand, the method that it adopted which is a method in which questions are asked like in a conversation, will also help customers to dedicate themselves to the process more. The card design feature it offers is also a plus as each question appears on a different screen. In addition to Typeform’s beautiful interface, it also offers you a lot of templates that will give you inspiration, leading to a better embracing form. Even it offers a free plan, it does not show its price on the website without being a member. That can be thought of as a bait to make you a member and send you tons of unnecessary advertising e-mails. The paid packages of it start from $35 and go all the way through to $70. is an easy-to-use and free online web form creation tool that comes with many advantages. It is very easy to use as there are directions in addition to templates. You will just need to fill out the necessary fields that are presented to you in the template you choose. In addition to its feature being easy-to-use and totally free, it also offers you inspiring experience in which you can get easier responses with instant notifications. Also, you can start creating your form freely without being a member. This will also help you to create the forms you desire without sharing your precious information. offer everything Typeform offers and even more for less amount of money.