Why Link Building Is Still Popular in 2019

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website in order to increase your own site’s web ranking. This is called creating a backlink, which has always been the central focus of search engine optimization (SEO). Any digital marketer will tell you that this sort of link building is an invaluable tool in the quest to increase website authority and drive referral traffic.

Why do we need to build links?

All search engines use an intricate set of algorithms that are always evolving. But the use of backlinks has remained a constant factor in how every search engine determines website ranking in relation to keywords. Building links is one of the many methods used in SEO because these links are an indication that your site is a quality resource that’s worth mentioning. This is why websites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings from search engines.

Popular Link Building Trends In 2019

Google, the world’s largest and most popular search engine has stated that link building is the primary factor taken into consideration in website ranking. Reports also state that the “Google Core Algorithm” is based entirely on links. This comes as no surprise because this method has been used since Google was first created. This is why the volume and quality of backlinks that a website has managed to acquire over time will always have an impact on its search engine rankings.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the link building trends that will maintain their popularity in 2019.

  • Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is the process of creating and selecting popular pages of content, enriching them and pitching them to websites that are willing to create a link back to yours. An important factor to consider in this method is choosing keywords that will attract attention. This can be done by comparing the site’s content with yours, reaching out with your proposal and asking them to link to your website or a specific post to theirs.

  • Testimonials

Another brilliant way to boost your SEO is to add linked testimonials to your website. Using this type of third-party feedback is an excellent way to convince your target audience to use/follow your brand because a referral from an independent, but well-known source creates a sense of trust.

  • Infographics

Infographics are very popular in link building. Once you’ve created your infographic you will then create a generated embed code. This code is then added to a website where the infographic is displayed and creates a link back to yours. It’s a simple and attractive way to get bloggers to share your site. You can also create content for or pay websites in exchange for displaying your infographic.

  • Guest Posts

Good guest posts with interesting, relevant content (like product reviews) are always very popular. And websites are constantly searching for authentic, quality content. Guest posts are often created by influencers and bloggers in order to earn links from popular websites and trusted domains. This is because the connection between the contributor and the influencer’s brand drives website traffic and has a positive effect on rankings.

Bonus Benefits of Link Building

  • Brand Building

Link building is useful when creating your brand because it helps to establish you as an expert in your specific market. Link building techniques such as content creation demonstrate the expertise of your brand. This can go a long way toward building your reputation as a trusted brand.

  • Relationship Building

Link building often involves reaching out to other websites and blogs in your specific market. Connecting to others with similar interests has the potential to establish long term relationships with key influencers in your industry. These relationships can have a positive effect on your brand by creating trust and a good reputation.


Whether you’re a newbie or an expert at link building there’s no doubt that the field of SEO and link building is constantly in motion. The importance of building quality links has never been more popular in digital marketing because the need to understand and implement campaigns using backlinks is essential for successfully competing in the digital world of marketing.

There are many other link building trends that can be used by digital marketers. Sign up for one of our digital marketing courses to learn other cool ways that can be beneficial in driving website traffic.