How to tap a phone with Cocospy

Phone tapping isn’t a new phenomenon or an invention of the information age. The phone tapping of wired telephones has existed since the early 1900s. Legal wiretapping by a government agency is known as lawful interception.

Back then, Phone tapping involved bugging a line with the use of actual hardware. With the introduction of smartphones, phone tapping can be done by simply installing an application or process on the phone.

Commercial Spy Applications like Cocospy make phone tapping cell phones unnervingly easy. Anyone with access to a computer and a smartphone can be a hacker.

If you want to know more about Cocospy, you can visit their website:

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can essentially tap a phone with the use of Cocospy, which is considered to be one of the best commercial surveillance applications on the internet.

Millions of users trust it and it has received accolades and rave reviews from websites and publications such as PC world, New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews, Life Hacker, Forbes and Android Authority.


Cocospy is a multi-faceted commercial phone spying and tapping tool that can be used to discreetly spy on people. The best part Cocospy is it has a stealth mode that makes it nearly impossible to detect.

It works for both Android and iOS devices. You don’t even have to jailbreak or root the device you’re trying to tap. This is an actual industry first. Besides all the features you get with Cocospy, this makes Cocospy one of the very best tracking and monitoring tools for Cell phones.

Why would you want to tap a cell phone

There are numerous reasons as to why you’d want to hack into a smartphone.

You’re a Parent

Being a parent in the information age can be tricky. The same technology that endeavors to keep us connected, separates us.

Silence and misunderstanding replace effective communication. Even when we talk to each other, we seemingly can’t do it effectively. Sometimes children lie. Whether it’s to protect you or themselves, they lie.

The best way to battle the lies and miscommunication is by cutting through it with facts, gathered from evidence.

As your children grow older, the more rebellious and willful they become. You want to be able to keep a close watchful eye on your child so you can keep them safe. That’s why you’d benefit from using Cocospy’s tapping app.

You’re in a romantic relationship

It’s unfortunate that infidelity and heartbreak are some of the risks of engaging in a monogamous romantic relationship. Sometimes the spark goes out and you find your partner acting differently. People change.

So when their behavior shifts, you want to be able to put together some actual evidence without jumping to conclusions. You want to be able to track them and spy on them discreetly and covertly without them finding out.

You’re an employer

Often, companies will issue out company cars and phones to their staff. It’s very common for some workers to misuse and mismanage company resources and property.

Working people can be very tricky. That’s why it’s imperative that you employ a tool that is able to keep track of employees at all times. You can do this by actually monitoring and tracking them through their smartphones.

How to Tap a Cellphone with Cocospy

Tapping a phone with Cocospy doesn’t require any real skill. You don’t have to be a hacker or an engineer. All you need is a Cocospy account and brief access to the cell phone you intend on tapping.

Tapping a cell phone with Cocospy can be summarised into three steps:

  1. Go to Cocospy’s website and sign up for a free account using your email address and password.
  2. Use a link provided to you by Cocospy to download the Cocospy spy application on the target phone.
  3. Use Cocospy’s dashboard through its online web application to spy on the person’s phone activity.

Final Word

Cocospy makes phone tapping and monitoring so easy. You don’t have to be a software developer or engineer to understand how to use it. If you want more information on Cocospy, we recommend that you pay a visit to their website. We hope that you’ve found the content of this article to be helpful. Thank you for reading.