Want Winning Marketing Messages? Make Sure You Tack on These 5 Terms and Phrases

Let’s be honest: writing ads isn’t always easy.

Sure, running Facebook ads or putting together email offers and outreach campaigns can be done in a snap these days.

Put the actual process of putting together the words to prop up those campaigns? That’s a different story entirely.

While you may doubt your own copywriting chops, keep in mind that so much of writing a strong ad is formulaic. That is, there are a number of time-tested terms and phrases that trigger a psychological response from buyers.

Before totally giving up on coming up with your own marketing messages, perhaps it’s time to take a look back at what sort of words and phrases convert buyers and how you can use them yourselves. Below are five terms and phrases to help get you started with your next ad or email.

“What’s in a Name?”

Pulled from the timeless advice of How to Win Friends and Influences People, the sweetest sound anyone can hope to hear is their own name.

When possible, you should likewise take every step you can to reach out to relevant prospects and address them as individuals. Generic marketing messages might be “easier” to roll out, but nothing beats one-on-one marketing whenever it’s possible.

Perhaps the outreach experts at GMass put it best: “If you aren’t personalizing, your results are going to be subpar.”

What’s the “Problem?”

All businesses serve as problem-solvers at their core. If you’re able to highlight a specific problem within your ad, your prospects will begin to look at you as the potential solution.

Maybe your prospects’ pain points is that they don’t make enough money or perhaps they spend way to much time on a tedious task. Either way, mentioning the word “problem” is a fantastic tactic to show your empathy and understanding at a business.

The Power of “Free

The psychological impact of “free” speaks for itself. Providing any form of freebie, whether it be a gift or information, immediately puts your business in a positive light. Providing something of value for absolutely nothing speaks volumes about your business and cement yourself as a helping hand. “Free” messages are especially powerful for prospects who might not know you.

Present Your Message as Brand New

Reality check: there is a ton of noise out there when it comes to both advice and products alike. People are always hungry for something fresh, which is exactly why “new” is such an important term to include in your marketing messages.

Breaking news and emerging trends are instantly more compelling than something your prospects have seen a million times before. If you can frame anything you’re selling as new and time-sensitive, you’re on the right track.

Teach ‘em How-To

As it may not come as much of a surprise, “how-tos” are some of the most compelling types of headlines in the blogosphere today.

How-tos likewise serve as high-performing subject lines for a similar reason. That is, your prospects need a particular problem solved (as noted above) and require education to solve it. It’s simply your just to frame what you’re selling as a much-needed solution

Again, don’t totally discount your ability to write stronger ad copy. By using these terms and phrases a the basis for your message, you’re much more likely to elicit a response from your list. If nothing else, having these terms in your back pocket is a smart move when conducting any sort of marketing outreach.