Top Tips for Preparing for MCAT

For all aspiring medical students, MCAT is one of the most challenging exams they would have to take. Thousands of students take the exam every year, only a few who pass with flying colors. If you have been preparing for the MCAT, here are some top tips to help you crack it on the first try –

Practice Questions –

MCAT is not only about memorizing everything. It is the ability to apply your knowledge in practical scenarios. Thus, it is important to practice as many questions as you can to help you hone your critical skills.

Take Practice Tests Often –

Since MCAT is about 6 hours long exam with about an hour of break, it is essential that you build mental stamina so that you can focus on the exam. You should take MCAT practice tests to learn what it would be like at the actual exam.

Take the Exam Only When You are Ready –

You should take the test only when you are ready. If you are still unsure, it is best to take the practice tests to see if you are getting the score you would like to get. Do not rush into giving the MCAT and ensure that you give enough time to be ready for it.

Have a Plan of Attack –

Before you give the MCAT, it is essential that have a plan of attack. You need to draw your study plan at least three months in advance and remember to follow it.

Find a Partner –

Even though studying on your own had its perks, having a study group can help you get better results. You will be able to learn from others, share their notes and even compare notes with them to ensure that you are on the right track.

The above tips can help you score high on your MCAT exam. If you still feel that you need some additional help, you can hire MCAT tutor to help you with the preparation. There are many top MCAT tutors out there that also offer study materials that can help you add to your existing knowledge.