The New Trends in Animation and Its Advantages for Marketers

If you are an entrepreneur, you will agree that using animation as your online marketing strategy can help you take the business to the next level. Saying that online investors are embracing the moving videos in advertising their enterprises with the aim of doubling their profit cannot be an overstatement.

According to John Medina, who is a molecular biologist, marketers should now embrace the use of animation make their messages powerful, as visualization is mainly our ultimate sense.

Even though we see animation as an entertainment tool, it has been trending in the digital advertising industry too for various benefits. According to Jessica Mraz, a marketing strategies author, getting a video production company with expertise in creating good animations can be the first step in reaping the tactics’ benefits. This article will, therefore, focus on the new trends in animation in 2019 and their significance.

1. Use of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR)

As you may know, the expertise of AR/VR has been there for the longest time now. However, the technology was not available for use until recently. To date, not many companies can afford to use it because of the professionalism that is required.

Only enterprises with technology experts are using AR/VR as a marketing strategy, and they can attest that they are reaping double profits from the approach. The technology is very appealing to the clients, thus draws the attention of every potential customer.

2. Animated videos on YouTube

If you are a YouTube fan, you must be aware that the moderators of the social media platform are now against the idea of placing animated videos in the YouTube. Thus, relying on this platform alone for your business marketing might deny your enterprise the chance to gain popularity as you may need. Nevertheless, the good news is that you can place your animated adverts on other social media platforms.

Remember that YouTube does not dominate the advertising world, and if you put the animations on a platform like Vimeo and Google, it can be appealing to the users. As a result, the potential clients for your items may share the content with other social media sites, and your products will gain popularity.

3. The attractiveness of motion graphics

Many marketing firms are now embracing the use of motion graphics to advertise products on social media. The video producer experts are creating objects in such a way that they emerge as if they are moving instead of changing their position.

It’s advantageous to use this technology as a marketing technique as the videos created seem to be lively and attractive as well. The videos can, therefore, capture the attention of the viewers.

4. Use of whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation has been in use for a long time, though not in the advertising industry. Nonetheless, marketers now realize the advantages of using whiteboard technology to increase the sales of various products. The trend is, therefore, gaining popularity as its tools are accessible to everyone and easy to use.

With the required software, marketers are creating eye-catching whiteboard animations which make the products you are advertising to have an appealing look to potential buyers.

5. The popularity of 2D CGI

You may be aware that after being in use for more than 20 years, 3D CGI is losing attractiveness and fame. The various companies that have been using this modern technology feel that it has lost its charm, thus, not a proper technique to use in the marketing industry.

Therefore, 2D CGI has now overtaken the use of 3D CGI, and the marketers are sure that the technology is producing surprising results regarding animation quality. 2D CGI is currently trending in the advertising world as it’s making the products to have an excellent look, thus, increasing sales.

6. Web series animations

Animated web series has been in use in recent years, though in the entertainment industry. However, the technology is now trending in the marketing world too, as the marketers can now access the web series production notebooks easily.

Also, the animations created using this technology are amusing as well as appealing. Thus, marketers are using web series technology to capture the attention of many potential customers.

In today’s world, ignoring the impact of using animated videos to market your products can be a grave mistake. Remember that with these animations, you can enhance the visibility of your advertised products easily, as well as explain your business idea to potential customers without a struggle. The technology can also make your products appealing to the clients, hence increase sales.