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Additional Services that Web Hosting Services are Offering to Clients

Many hosting service companies have varied their product and service offerings that they have enlarging their business classification.  Companies that do web hosting, for example, are no longer just hosting websites nowadays.  They now are offering several other services that are related, and many have already become one-stop shops for those wanting to create and operate their websites or blogs.  Here are some of the important services that web hosting services are now offering.

These extra services include:

  • Website builders –

Many web hosting services are now offering simplified or sophisticated website builders that allow their clients to be able to quickly create their sites right after subscribing to a web hosting plan;

  • Web Design –

There are some web hosting companies that provide professional web hosting design services;

  • Domain name registration –

This is one of the earliest services web hosts were offering;

  • SSL Certificates –

There are also web hosting companies that help website owners secure their sites through SSL certifications. The web hosts are not the ones granting these certificates, but they do help clients to obtain them from trusted providers such as GeoTrust.  Having an SSL certificates means the encryption of sensitive data in a website.

  • Search engine optimization –

Some web hosts companies will just put up a website up and that’s it. These that have also ventured into search engine optimization (SEO).  This used to be done by individual companies but now web hosting companies are offering this service.

  • Online marketing –

Although there are not that many web hosting companies that offer this service you should not be surprised to find some that help their hosting clients in promoting their websites.

The only problem with this is as a client you need to ensure that if your hosting company is offering these services that they are able to do them well.  You can also hire employees for your company to do most of these services – which is probably the least expensive option.

Web Hosting

Advantages of Offshore Hosting You Must Know About 

Offshore hosting is the concept where businesses choose servers located in the countries remote to the location of their operation. This concept has nothing to do with betraying the local service providers, etc; it is purely a business requirement. Many reputed websites may or may not be having global reach have considered this option for fulfilling their operational needs. Here are some of the advantages offshore mode of hosting comes with.

a. Affordable resources

Various countries are popular for their low labor cost and cheap resources. Countries like UK and US prefer outsourcing the hosting services to those offshore service providers that prove to be cost-effective to their operations.

b. Access to better technology

When any business looks beyond the geographical boundaries of the homeland for hosting purposes, they are actually looking for a technologically advanced solution too. Technology is at various levels of cutting edge in different parts of the world. If the certain concept is yet to be introduced in the country, it can surely be bought from the foreign lands where it has become more of a norm and is easily available at affordable rates.

c. Resemblance with native hosting plans

Hosting companies are working more or less the same way throughout the world. There is nothing hard to crack for understanding the subscription procedures and requirements. Since globally accepted payment solutions are already in place, it is just like buying a product but from some other part of the world where quality is supreme and subscription conditions are favorable too.

d. Better services to the end users

Once you find the places where your business is popular, switching the location of servers to that place becomes a user-centric decision. It is because the close proximity to end users facilitates fast uploading of the pages. Taking small pain for huge profits is not a bad decision.

So, find out how offshore hosts can boost your business objectives and make decisions regarding it after thorough research.


Hosted PBX Giving Small Businesses Flexibility While Cutting Costs

To communicate with clients and keep intra-organisational communication going, you would need a reliable phone system. From time immemorial PBX phone systems have been the mainstay of many businesses around the world but lately, the paradigm has shifted to using hosting services. Cloud technology has made it possible for PBX systems to be hosted from a remote server; many businesses are now embracing this option because of the huge savings it offers them.

In addition, it seems to be the best phone communication model for small businesses as so many of its features are consistent with the philosophy of maintaining a flexible business operation with having to sink in huge sums in investment.

This is the way it works; a company provides the PBX Hosting service while other businesses subscribe to get cloud-based PBX telephony service. At the subscriber’s end setting up the service is not so far- fetched from that of installed PBX systems; the only striking point of difference lies in the fact that a subscriber to a Hosted PBX service only keeps a PBX phone, the server and other infrastructures remain with the hosting company.

All of the benefits offered by a Hosted PBX system before long have ripple effects on business operations. First, with committing its communication system into the hands of a host, a business has one less item off its to-do list thereby freeing up more time for other business pursuits. Another thing is that reduced cost is tantamount to increased profit; and to reiterate it, cost savings comes as the greatest benefit a Hosted PBX service has on offer; now the same amount a business could have invested in the purchase and installation of limited traditional PBX hardware can be used to purchase multiple lines with so many utility services to enjoy.

If you want a phone system with an integrity of a sure connection, you can’t look beyond Hosted PBX systems as there would never come a time where you would have to fumble with any hardware component for developing a fault; this is purely the host’s responsibility given the fact that the server and other communication infrastructure are with them and since many of them are experts in managing and maintain complex communication systems, there are slim chances of having a system break-down or downtime.

With all the benefits that come with a hosting service out there for both the small organisation that can only subscribe and the large organisation buoyant enough to own a PBX hosting platform to enjoy, the gap between small and large organisations is closing by the day as all firms running at different scale of operation can now afford and enjoy essentially the same PBX hosting services, phone features and functions.