Strategies For Successful Marketing Of The ICO

The year 2016 saw the emergence of something known as the ICO or the Initial Coin Offering.  Though an unregulated means, it is today being increasingly used for raising digital cash to fund new cryptocurrency ventures. This helps start-up ventures in saving a lot of time and energy which would otherwise have to be invested in following the procedures of capital-raising processes as postulated by banks or venture capitalists. Generally speaking, an ICO creates a win-win situation for the parties involved since in an ICO service, early backers get to buy a percentage of the new cryptocurrency in lieu of legal tender or other popular and well-established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The ICO services can be offered by investors who are willing to take a risk on a new venture. But this service needs to be backed up by a good marketing strategy in order for it to be successful. Some proven strategies for the successful marketing of the same include:

  • Market survey:

    It is very important to know the niche of companies that can be catered to. This is because irrespective of the concept being quite exciting and absolutely new, not every company is interested in investing in cryptocurrency.

  • Learning the rules:

    From being an unregulated digital currency initially, cryptocurrency is today much more organized and regulated. In fact, these digital coins have been categorized as security by SEC and hence it is very important to understand the complex rules and regulations of the Securities Law before actually going in for ICO Marketing.

  • Updated website:

    With e-commerce becoming what it is today, having an updated website is very important to tap web traffic. In fact, it is a very satisfying way of attracting new clients who want to know about cryptocurrency. Keeping the website updated with blogs and interesting articles helps lure web traffic and facilitate conversions.

  • Offering insights:

    Cryptocurrency is a relatively new field and not much is known about it. Hence for the proper marketing of the ICO, it becomes important to offer insights and talk about one’s own experiences to make the strategy seen as realistic and fruitful.

Trends, statistics and other success stories too help to convert potential investors into clients and is thus a very useful way of authenticating the success rate of this venture.