Sticking With The Reputation Basics: Facebook Features Needed For ORM

According to a recent interview with employees at InternetReputation.Services, Facebook is an effective platform to consider when advertising a business. Although there is much more to online reputation management, Facebook is a basic “must-do” to establish a basic positive image online. Facebook is strategic in its ability to:

  •    List Business Details
  •    Locate the right consumers
  •    Determine the right location for the ad
  •    Report effectiveness of ads
  •    Engage with customers

Creating a Facebook page is an extremely effective and easy way to advertise a business explains that online reputation long-time employees. Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook daily, this means the business has a lot of potentials to be noticed. A Facebook page promotes the business and provides information to potential consumers such as hours and contact information. Photos can be added to the page which on its own can attract attention. A Facebook page can be updated, and statuses can be posted that keep the users informed. A link to the business’ website can also be provided.

Facebook allows the business owner to locate the right consumers by taking their age, gender, location, language commonly spoken in the said area, as well as interests, into consideration. Choosing a sub-category for one’s ad such as movies, shopping etc. will help the advertiser attract the right type of customers for the products; this is how Facebook uses one’s interests to advertise to them. Facebook users separate online behaviors are tracked which become useful for Facebook ads. These behaviors such as what online stores they shop at to what brand and model phone, tablet, laptop or computer they are currently using, help determine what type of advertisement will be shown to them at any given time. This is clearly proven to work because users are much more likely to click on ads that they have connections or interests in rather than ones that are not specifically tailored to the individual. Additionally, Facebook will analyze the locations, ages genders, and interests of an advertisers customers, and find other people who are similar to those who are already clicking on your ads and/or like your fan page and advertise to said people. This is what Facebook calls “Lookalike Audiences”.

For more information about the basics of Facebook and how to effectively use them to boost your online reputation, visit InternetReputation.Services.