Screen Sharing Is another Option for Personally Your Meeting Screen

Screen sharing is when you give another user access to your computer screen. Using this free screen sharing software or paid screen sharing software, co-operating, having meetings and even socializing is made easier and more convenient. Finding the software for screen sharing software having great features can be a task.

Information to help

Perhaps this information will aid you in determining various screen sharing software for both professional and your personal needs. There is some free screen sharing software there to choose from.

Works with URL

Your personal background works with your personal URL. That links your meeting room with an account to you and your business. This gives those attending your meeting a fun picture to look at or you can brand the background with your company logo. The picture is easy to change so you can switch it up for the holidays, get creative! It is all yours.

Viewing Installation free

Anyone can view your screen Installation-free meaning that they are able to view from a device that has a browser including (PCs, tablets, Macs, and smartphones) without anyone needing to install software.


Mikoto made it to the list of best free screen sharing software due to its browser-based tool for setting up meeting online. It saves users the time and hassle of any downloading. It also features a great quality VoIP service, keyboard, and mouse.

Huddle room conferencing

Communication is an aspect that plays a role in any growth of a business. A business person needs to communicate with many around the world to endorse their business. This may include traveling that can be costly especially for businesses that are small. Small businesses are always looking for ways to save on operating cost. The technology huddle room is the answer. This not only saves the businesses travel expensive but also saves time. This puts them way ahead of their competitors in the world of business.


HighFive is a brand that could-bases video conferencing solution enabling small businesses to communicate and share information through video conferencing. Its features include easy setup, noise cancellation, and wireless sharing.

BlueJeans Network

What are the features of Blue Jeans?

  • Single Click Scheduling
  • Screen Sharing Capability
  • High-Quality Voice Audio
  • Recording
  • Room compatibility