Photography Is The Story One Fails To Put To Words

Photography is one of the highest paying jobs. The advent of the smartphone and the dawn of digital photography has opened up limitless possibilities in this field that started as a creative endeavor. Today it is considered a viable career option. Every professional photographer has his/her style of taking pictures outdoor and indoor. But underneath all these styles, there are basic guiding principles that will enable you to furnish some of the most iconic photographs. Landscape photography is no exception either.

Some composition techniques that can be applied by you:

Some common tips you can keep in mind are incorporating an odd number of elements in your picture. The universal rule of thirds comprises of dividing your picture into 9 equal rectangles so that the elements feature in the intersection points of the photo. Non-conventional photographers have often been seen to execute the diagonal lines in their work as the human eye is accustomed to processing the world in horizontal and vertical lines. In mountain photography, you can also look for leading lines such as roads, paths and stone ways that form a natural path leading to the mountain. A popular trick to capture such landscapes involves using a natural stone arch to frame the picture and accentuate the mountain feature. This is commonly known as the frame within the frame technique.

What camera should you choose for landscape photography:

It doesn’t matter what company camera you use for taking pictures. What is imperative that you should find the ‘sweet spot’ of the lens. In other words, the aperture at which you shoot pictures determines the sharpness of the images and the depth of its field. It is best to avoid shooting from either end of the aperture range as it can adversely affect the final product