Importance of Copy filing software

Richfile copy is a specific file and the directory copy command which is used in the command line of the OS Windows. Richcopy became part of the Windows Resource Kit with Windows NT 4.0 and Richcopy latest version has many amazing features. With the arrival of Windows Vista, Richcopy became a standard part of Windows. Command is very different from the usualxcopy andcopy commands that come with Windows as it is designed to be more reliable incopying or mirroring folders or directories of any size.

Richfile copy is very efficient at mirroring files or directories, and even ensures that all attributes, time stamps, properties and NTFS ACLS are copied. However, information of security must be explicitly set to copy as it does not copy by default. Richcopy even works over network sessions that may be subject to disruptions as it has a “resume copy” feature. It really comes in very handy when we copymany or multiple files over the network.

Some copy options available to rich copy:

  • /S – Copies subdirectories, excluding empty ones
  • /SEC – Copies with security
  • /ZB – Restartable mode; otherwise backup mode
  • Copies the higher “n” levels from the source in /LEV:n
  • /Z – Restartable mode
  • Includes all file info while copying, including security info at /COPYALL
  • /B – Backup mode

It has been tested by many experts and the display the results that it is far the fastest copying program out there for Windows. If you just required a raw speed, then this is the best program for you.

These are extremely fast, shell integration, x64 capabilities, runs without installation, strong command line support, NSA file wiping utility for secure deleting, handles long path well, ability to see what documents like file and folder will be affected before executing using the listing button.

Also it is Standard is a free and does a very good job of doing local data transfers really fast. For any kind of reason, it’s pretty troublr for network transfers, so don’t bother downloading this program if you have to transfer data across your LAN. It’s super faster than TeraCopy and very close to FastCopy.

You can use in simple ways by following some steps. You can use it as per your PC window and in this way it would be easy to use. You can copy multiple files at one time and instantly and also you no need to invest more time in downloading and copying the files. You can download ichcopy latest version from here its free and easy to sue.