Know more about the Best Table Top Tripod

Passionate photographers seek for attractive and handy photographic accessories. The tabletop tripod tops the list of the best accessories for photographers as it is compact and foldable. These can be carried anywhere in a small camera bag or in the pocket of the jackets.

There are times when the shot needs to be perfect and still, and it becomes difficult to achieve that with the camera in hand. The qualities of the tabletop that makes it one of the most wanted things by photographers includes perfect picture balance, the desired angle, photo height and distance.

Their extendable legs which make them more worthy of using it on uneven surfaces are one more salient feature that adds up to its demand. Their adjustable ball angles is also a perk for having a tabletop tripod. Gorillapod reviews are good for such demands. There are a variety of tripods for a photographer to choose from. Here are the components that sum up to be the best tabletop tripod.

Collapsed size

The collapsed size describes the compact size of the tripod. How much of it is measured when it is folded. This is a very important aspect to look upon for those who are travel geeks. We must keep the maximum height extension in mind. Max. Height extension is how tall the tripod will stand when every leg, along with the center post is raised as far as it will go.

Load capacity

The load capacity of a tripod is often mistaken as its weight. Although it refers to the maximum camera weight it can handle. Some professional cameras have lenses heavier than the tripod itself. So it is a factor to look upon.

Head type

The head of the tripod makes it more adjustable by changing the height of the stand with the help of a hand crank. The head also gives an extra aid to the professionals to adjust the focus while going for a distant capture.


The right feet to a tripod gives them perfect balance while snapping and capturing. They come in different versions with non-slip rubber, spike and custom feet which may include ball bearings or flat plates.

Leg locks

Leg locks allow the tripods to lock their height and aspect ratio with respect to the place. They are available in twist mechanism, lever pull, and another custom locking.

These twist and lock feature of the tripod makes it more adjustable and handy.

These helpful components make up the best tabletop tripod. The Gorillapod is reviewed as an acknowledged tripod that has all the qualities of being the best tabletop tripod known. All the parts of the gorillapod review let the photographer know the similarities of the Gorillapod and tripod components and their significance.