Java Development vs. ASP.Net Development

The everlasting debate whether .Net Development is better or Java Development is better continuing unfinished with fans of either technology pronouncing the demise of the other.

Java is the predecessor of all other programming languages. It is open source and platform independent to boot. This highly useful attribute has made it the preferred choice of novices and professionals alike. Being completely open source, APIs developed by Java Development Company in India can be easily accessed by developers unlike ASP .Net, which is copyrighted and whose APIs are inaccessible without licensing. Being open source, Java users do not have deal with the hassle of hefty license fees each year, something which .Net users have to deal with.

Being a very old technological platform, Java has been taught in universities and schools for quite a number of years. Therefore, there is a large pool of talent available to hire Java Developers in India from. On the other hand, there is a dearth of developers who are well acquainted with the .Net platform. To get around this, you may need to offshore your application development work to an ASP .Net Development Company where you would find a much higher number of developers who are more acquainted with ASP .Net.

On the flip side, many developers are of the opinion that ASP. Net is a more improved version of Java and has been developed keeping in mind the shortcomings and vulnerabilities of Java. They claim that Java is language, while the .Net platform is language independent. Opting for .Net development does not bind you to a single language due to its support for several technologies. In a way, .Net even supports Java.

Another huge positive of using .Net is the ease with which one can exchange data between various software applications. This happens because of the .Net platform allows many different programs to exchange data via a common set of formats and to read/write the same file and use the same protocols. These features make ASP .Net a highly viable programming technology for developing applications and websites which are database driver. ASP .Net has proven to be useful for applications which are stored on remote systems have to communicate with each other through internet protocols like SOAP and XML.

In conclusion, there is no victor amongst the technologies and that’s a good thing. With both technologies receiving a steady sequence of updates that increasingly advance their capability and functionality, they are both suitable for long term projects, especially for enterprises.