Is ZorroVPN a Safe Choice?


ZorroVPN is a VPN service that boasts advanced security features and customizability to enhance the privacy and anonymity of its users. It has an extensive suite of security methods that it uses to provide these protective measures for those who use its VPN services.

This article will cover ZorroVPN in more detail, allowing you to determine if it is a safe and smart choice for your needs.

What is ZorroVPN?

ZorroVPN is a VPN service based in Belize City, located within Belize, a Central American country. Network Octet Ltd. is ZorroVPN’s owner and operator. The company’s VPN servers cover 46 countries around the world, with any given country having up to 7 servers. Originally, the African country of Seychelles had jurisdiction over ZorroVPN, but the company moved to Belize in 2017 to improve its confidentiality and privacy capabilities for the benefit of its clients and users.

Belize is an independent country with a good track record for privacy and with no connections to countries with extensive, large-scale surveillance practices. ZorroVPN also keeps a warrant canary on its website’s “Technical Questions” section, which keeps its customers informed of its continued independence from any external influences, including governmental influences.

ZorroVPN’s main features are its notably strong encryption methods, its customizability, the ability of its VPN to be configured with secure proxies and the Tor network and multi-hop VPN chains. Despite its customizability, it does not have a customizable app, necessitating the use of third-party apps. The setup of this VPN may be more complicated than with those VPNs with in-house app availability and support.

ZorroVPN Plan and Pricing

The premium suite of features is known as the master plan. This plan provides the user with five options to select from, with each option representing the number of months the VPN’s premium service will be provided.

Like most VPN plans, the more months that you sign up for, the more money you save overall. All features are included in each plan, so there are no unfair feature restrictions, unlike some other VPN packages.

The plans consist of the following:

  • One month: $15
  • Two months: $25
  • Three months: $36
  • Six months: $68
  • Twelve months: $120

ZorroVPN Safety and Security Features

ZorroVPN has many high-quality features that are rarely packaged together in just one VPN service. These features ensure the privacy and safety of its users’ online sessions. VPNAlert lists ZorroVPN’s features as the following:

AES 256-bit

The 256-bit AES encryption that ZorroVPN uses is military-grade, the highest cipher available. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to pinpoint your online traffic on the off-chance that it is intercepted by a third-party.

Tor Plus ZorroVPN

This is another ZorroVPN feature that makes it stand out compared to your typical VPN service. Tor combined with ZorroVPN’s service allows users to take advantage of both a VPN and the Tor network’s services. The result is that the connection’s exit nodes will be from the Tor network, rather than provided by ZorroVPN servers.

Tor is a top-level way of hiding your online activity, as its network servers are maintained by a set of anonymous groups. Once your traffic moves from the VPN server to a Tor network entry point, the connection is routed to any number of random Tor servers before reaching you through a random exit node. This combination of ZorroVPN and Tor means that you are granted access to both .bit and .onion sites and associated resources.

VPN Chains

ZorroVPN’s ability to provide VPN chain services is another stand-out feature. The majority of VPN providers allow their clients and users to connect to just one VPN server. ZorroVPN allows its users to connect to more than one VPN server simultaneously. VPN chains route your internet traffic through many different servers rather than just one server.

The internet traffic is encrypted throughout its journey to your PC, smartphone, tablet or another device. VPN chains enhance the safety of your time spent online by virtually eliminating the possibility of a snooper deciphering and tracing back where your traffic originated from. Users can add up to 4 VPN servers to the chain and can select which server locations will be a part of a given chain.

Platform Support

While ZorroVPN can support some platforms, it cannot support as many as other major VPN services can. As mentioned before, ZorroVPN does not have an app designed to handle the various platforms that its service can support. However, its website has extensive installation guides for each of the platforms that it does support.

The platforms that ZorroVPN supports include the following:

1. Windows

2. macOS

3. Android

4. iOS

5. Linux

6. Routers with AsusWRT, tomato or DD-WRT firmware

No Throttling or Traffic Restrictions

Many VPN providers restrict the sorts of traffic allowed through their servers. Or it throttled the types of traffic that it finds undesirable.

ZorroVPN does not throttle or restrict traffic, no matter what online activity its users are engaged in.

Some other features that ZorroVPN supports include:

  • ZorroVPN’s personally owned DNS servers
  • Option to disable IPv6
  • OpenVPN protocol
  • IP Address Switching
  • Zero Log Policy

Payment Methods

ZorroVPN’s website supports the following payment methods:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • BitCoin
  • WebMoney
  • QIWI Wallet
  • Perfect Money
  • Yandex Money

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