Introduction Of Nine Chip Electronic Voice Chip OTP Voice Chip

NVA series: NVA models have NV035A, NV065A, and NV115A. Their corresponding time is 35S, the 40S, 65S, and 115S, and they have two kinds of package forms SOP/DIP. Features: simple and convenient two-wire serial port control mode. Users can control the voice playback and stop of any segment.

NVB series: NVB models have NV035B, NV040B, NV065B, NV080B, and NV115B. Their corresponding time is 35S, 65S, the 80S, and 115S. Except for NV115B which has only one type of package form SOP, the other four kinds of chips have two types of package forms SOP/DIP. Features: it supports main MCU second line serial port control, and can control multi-segment voice triggering freely. It is the only Sound Module with 8 feet in the market.

NVC series: NVC models have NV020C, NV040C, NV080C, and NV180C. Their corresponding time is the 20S, 40S, 80S, and 180S. Except that NV180C is the 28 pipe feet, the other three series of NVC series are 8 pipe feet. Features: it supports the main MCU serial port control, arbitrary control of multi-segment voice trigger, is the only 8-foot chip supporting 220 segments of voice chips.

NVA, NVB, NVC series voice chip is a suitable factory measure production type industrial class OTP voice chip which is newly introduced by Guangzhou nine chip electronics technology. It can put into the production of MASK products directly according to the OTP sample to reduce the cost, and customers do not need to do double confirmation about the samples. Their common characteristics are that the recordable sound chip has high sound quality, stable performance, and fast production cycle. Moreover, they have low cost, convenient control, ultra-low standby power, wide temperature resistance and a variety of flexible key operation mode and level output mode (edge key trigger, level trigger, random key play, sequence key play).

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