How to Boost Marketing Results for Your WooCommerce Store

Nothing quite beats the excitement and feeling of accomplishment that comes with launching your own online store. But with the e-commerce market now one of the most competitive in the world, the sooner you can start marketing, the better. Once you open the doors to your online shop, you’ll find yourself waiting for your first sale – and when it happens, you feel like you’re finally starting to get somewhere. But, the first sale is never enough – after all, you want to see more customers and more sales so that you can watch your profits rise. So, what are the best ways to get the word out about your WooCommerce store and attract more customers?

Personalize the Experience:

Taking the time to personalize WooCommerce (which you can do here) is a great way to make the experience a much better one for your customers and provide them with some relief from constant information overload. Personalizing the experience is an excellent psychological trigger to influence more people to choose your online store – and it can be subtle. For example, the homepage of your WooCommerce website can be laid out as an interesting story addressed to the reader, while suggested products can be based on what your user has looked at or purchased before. And, use personalization directly, too – when addressing customers, use their name whenever possible rather than generic ‘dear customer’ or ‘hi there’.

Add an Urgency Trigger:

Making a small change on your website, like installing a countdown timer to show customers how long they’ve got to take advantage of your latest sale or special offer, can lead to a significant increase in sales. This is based on the principle of the fear of missing out and uses persuasion psychology to encourage customers to make a purchase. And, bear in mind that your timer doesn’t always have to be about a sale – you can use them to provide more information about stock availability, lightning deals, or a special offer on free delivery. Get to know your customers, find out what they’d like to see the most and offer a limited-time deal.

Capture Potential Leads:

Each and every visitor to your online store is a lead, so it’s important that they are treated as such. Some leads may be more obvious than others, for example, a visitor who adds products to their cart but doesn’t check out. However, the silent visitors may also want to make a purchase but don’t during that visit. Abandoned cart plugins can be a great way to try and close a purchase, or use wish list features to target those who are just browsing but might return to buy in the future. And, offer every lead the option to sign up to an email newsletter. You can find out more about various email marketing platforms at Sendinblue, which offers comparisons to help you determine the best option for you. Make sure that your marketing emails are interesting, informative and include strong calls to action.

If you want to get more sales at your WooCommerce store, these three steps are essential!