Five Tips To Create A Low Cost Local Marketing Plan

Find out what is in the big picture and what is the possibilities

You need to find out where people are on the Internet, and what they do when they need to solve a specific problem or have a specific question. Keep in mind that you want to get new customers for your product for a very low cost or even for free. Get to know the big picture by checking through the 200+ free traffic sources. From this list, you would find out the types of channels that are possible for you to promote your product through.

Create a blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to show people your professional expertise. Most people do not actually read every single word in an online article that you have written and published. Make your article easy for people to skim through, but you would still get your points across to your readers.

Network and gather with the local

One of the best ways is to network and gather with people. But how you would find people in your local communities in the first place? To get hold of the people in your local community, you do not always have to first look for them through face-to-face. You may use a platform/website called Meetup. Log in with your Google account or Facebook account, and get into Meetup. In there you will see many groups/communities. The groups are hobby groups or professional groups. For example, if you are looking for web designers, look for one or a few website design groups. Start joining these existing groups. From time to time, each group’s organizers would arrange gathering activities or professional events. You should sign up the events and actually go and meet the people. That is just the start.

Make use of your local community

It is not all about going online in the first place. Think locally. Consider the local. You need to keep up to date for what your community is happening. Think about your ideal customer. Figure out how they spend their time. Find out where they go. For example, if there is a local library, can you pin a small stick ad for free on the board at the entrance? It is free advertising, and you should include your blog and/or website address in your free ad.

Leverage your existing contacts

There must be people who have previously been contacted through emails. Some of them may be great references for you to start with. Depends on how much previous interaction you have had with them, some may become the new customers of your new product. Some others may refer other people to buy from you. Write a great email explaining to them your story and/or your new product. Ask them to give you their opinions. This is a great way to engage your contacts.