Under Construction plugin- Build up your web pages within few seconds

There are various reasons for which website owners try to hide some web pages or the overall site from the visitors. For instance, they may do so during the website maintenance or while inserting new features. At this time, they choose under construction mode for their website.

Under Construction – A plugin causing no mess to your site –

Now, for the WordPress users, everything becomes easier due to the availability of Under Construction plugin. Especially, in case of the novice website owners, this plugin is the best solution. With simple setup and faster installation, this thoughtfully designed plugin has gained much popularity among the online entrepreneurs. Available in free and pro version, you may choose one for your needs. Get more information on this plugin from

  • SEO optimized- You do not need to give much effort for making your site search engine friendly.
  • A plugin is designed to support Google Analytics that is essential to every website
  • You can show off icons of various social media sites. Link those icons to your social media account. Those, who like to share your website content, can click on these buttons.
  • UCP also makes your site compatible to work with email software.

Personalize your website with this simple and minimalistic plugin. Just activate or deactivate the mode at any time. You may also set a time for disabling the mode automatically. UCP is designed to work smoothly with several other plugins.

What to get from pro version –

There are lots of other facilities that you can get with pro version of under construction plugin. In this version, you will have over hundred additional features.

  • Drag and drop website builder – Just drug the essential feature from the list and drop it to your site.
  • API Integration and other settings – You can integrate API and adjust the settings for exporting or importing data. Over 200k images are accessible easily.
  • The access control system is also much better.
  • You will also be able to add the tools, like Zapier and MailChimp.
  • Newsletter module – Many website owners like to offer newsletter subscription service to their clients and website visitors. UCP includes a different module for adding newsletter button to your website.
  • Templates – You will have the option of choosing from more than 100 templates, like Light Bulb and Running Blog.
  • Use custom links by using the rules of custom expire
  • As a website owner, it will also be easier for you to track the everyday traffic and affiliates.
  • UCP has the ability to power more than 150000 sites
  • Add Countdown timer on your Coming Soon page.
  • Universal support to the autoresponder
  • Friendly assistance from the team

Thus, install UCP for your site, and activate the under construction version while testing or modifying your website design. It has already been installed by more than 1000 users, and they have rated it with five stars.