All You Need To Know About Etherecash

Etherecash is a blockchain function based on the three most important tiers of business world i.e. lend, send and spend. The two of the tiers lend and spend can be done easily in physical currencies but to send the money from one person to another has always been a problem till the new concept of cryptocurrencies was not introduced in the market.

Crypto Currency is a digital currency designed to make the exchange of money more compatible and secured under cryptography. Etherecash is the most innovative cryptocurrency introduced in the market.

Etherecash works on three pillars of financial systems that are as follows:

  • Peer to Peer lending crypto (LEND):

This allows you to lend money in the form of crypto to anywhere in the world. Etherecash opens a new lending gateway to overcome the painful procedures of different banks. It allows you to borrow and lend all across the world receiving higher interest than in any bank.

  • Worldwide transfer of money (SEND):

This makes the heavy process of sending money from one place to a destination simple and easy. You can send money from anywhere to anywhere in the world in a second with nominal fees or charges. As it is a blockchain under secured cryptography so sending is safe and private for the borrower and the sender.

  • Multi crypto debit card (SPEND):

Etherecash is the only cryptocurrency which gives you the facility to put different currencies on a single debit card. You can use this debit card for your transactions, paying your online shopping bills, and you can also withdraw the local currency from an ATM.

Etherecash is the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the market and you can’t just miss it. You can buy or sell the most trending cryptocurrency only at the best platform in the market at