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5 Ways Technology can be Helpful in Creating Essays

Too many students dread essay writing. They either dread digging up the information or the actual writing of it. If you were a student anytime from before the millennium, you know that essay writing meant long hours at the library, using the dictionary, banging those fingers on what can only be called now ‘ancient’ typewriters, or worse, hand-written essays. And let’s not forget buying bottles and bottles of corrector fluid to ‘delete’ our mistakes.

Yet, enter technology, and suddenly essay writing is practically synched. You still have to look up information and type it, and delete, and retype it, but it is nothing like it used to be. Using tech, any student can find themselves writing amazing essays in half the time. Let’s see how.

Using reliable sites

There is no doubt there is a lot of junk on the net; non-reliable and non-academic material. Knowing that there are academic sites that will help students sort through all the unneeded, unreliable material to reach the material they want and need in their essay.

Editing tools

Writing is a skill and it doesn’t come so easy to many people. They might be able to say something, but they can’t write it well. Editing tools are a must to give in a good or even an excellent written essay. Best WordPress hosting in Australia provides tools that help with editing, and you will find that there is an array of sites that provide these kinds of services. A well-edited paper is what can make a difference between getting a D or getting an A on an essay. Fabulous for grammar and punctuation and overall structure of sentences.

Paraphrasing tools

We all know that plagiarism in any form of writing is a big no-no. All schools and universities use software to detect plagiarism if any is suspected. Students themselves can find to check their essays before handing them. While copy/paste is often tempting for some students, a substantial percentage of students plagiarize without noticing or intentionally knowing. Many students forget how much they are allowed to quote in their essay. Paraphrasing tools might not always come up with the best way to write something, but at least it will show you a different way to write it.


Ebooks are a cool little piece of technology that you can carry around anywhere. Instead of loading up book after book after book in a backpack, a small investment in an ebook reader will solve this problem. Reading helps writing and with an ebook reader, you will find yourself reading more at your own convenience and of course a neat way to pack textbooks.

Noise Cancelling Earphones

Well, no earphone is going to improve writing, but less noise might. Not everyone has the luxury of a quiet place to write in. If you have an essay due, you’re going to have to write anywhere. The tech version of earplugs will block out the noise so you can focus.

Technology is always coming up with something new to help us. Everyone definitely has several tools to help their writing skills kick in.