5 Things You Should Know About Your Iphone

Behind the meek exterior of the iPhone hides several functions and features. Compared to the Android which offers more in configuration and customization the iOS is easy to use. You can find many advanced features hidden below its genteel surface notwithstanding its simple operating system.

Therefore, in the iPhone lies numerous hidden features you may not have even acknowledged their existence. So, the ability to unlock any iPhone hidden features and functions demonstrates the notion of simplicity. Just because a device has low barricades to entry and is available to greenhorns it does not mean that these barriers cannot be cracked.

Below are 5 things you should know about your iPhone:

1. Receiving Notifications Via Camera Flash

When a notification is displayed you can set your iPhone’s flash to light up. Go into settings and tap General and Accessibility to change to this feature. A toggle switches to on and switch the LED flash for Alerts. You can tell the flash not to light up when your phone is on silent mode and you do not want to be disturbed.

2. Teaching Siri to Use Nicknames

Siri can use Apple’s Contacts App to find the people you want to text or call. By adding nicknames to your contacts you can speed up the process. Open up any contact card to input a nickname manually. Siri will ask you which contact a particular nickname belongs. Therefore, all you have to do is to mention the nickname and Siri will find the contact.

3. You Can Zoom What the Camera Sees

Regardless of the kind of situation you are in, the ability to magnify a real image might prove useful. For that reason, you will not have to strain to grasp the details of the image. To use, the Magnifier, open general and choose Accessibility by going to settings. You can then turn the feature on by tapping. Further, the camera screen will react to ambient light levels if you allow auto-brightness.

4. How to Hide Private Photos

If you have sensitive images that you do not want to show to friends or family, you can hide them from view. Select one or more images inside photos by choosing Hide when you tap the Share button. Your hidden images can be accessed through the Albums screen, although they will be invisible via year views, the moments, and collections.

5. Checking Surface Level

You will discover a spirit level tool if you load up the Compass. This is because iOS has an extra built-in app hidden behind the compass. To ensure your DIY is up to score and to also make sure your pictures are hanging correctly use this tool. You can perch your phone on its side or lay it out flat on either landscape or portrait to check if a surface is a level.

Ideally, iPhone is designed from a user’s standpoint. Its usability and functionality depend on how deep the user is willing to manipulate it. Therefore, to get the best out of an iPhone you should explore all the features and functions available.