5 Online Tools That Help New Businesses

There are various online tools that new businesses can use to expand, but each of these tools should provide entrepreneurs with flexible options based on business needs and preferences. While there are numerous business tools available on the internet, your system of communication will always be fundamental to your company. The communication system you decide to use should be affordable and compatible with different operating systems for ease of operation, especially when connecting with customers.

Traditional telephones aren’t equipped to handle the needs of most online businesses. Small businesses owners are now using VOIP connections, which integrates multiple features into your telephone service. Here are five online tools that can work with your phone services as you get your business off the ground.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers are essential for online businesses. These numbers help new business owners stay within their budget by avoiding the overhead costs associated with working in a local office, hiring employees, and providing office equipment for team members.

With virtual phone numbers, business owners can focus on investing in other critical components of their business without sacrificing quality services and professionalism. Using a virtual phone number is also beneficial for customers, especially if they live in a different country and are subject to long distance fees when calling your business at your local number.

Toll Free Numbers

Your virtual phone number should be toll-free because these numbers aren’t confusing to dial and toll-free number prefixes (800,877, etc.) are highly recognizable. All toll-free phone numbers should have call forwarding options to allow calls to be transferred to cellular phones or landlines based on your availability.

If you’re working as a solopreneur, you don’t want to miss calls from potential buyers, employees, or partners. New businesses are often small, but toll-free numbers make your company look more established among competitors.

Toll-free numbers from companies like Global Call Forwarding are all about convenience, not location, which makes these numbers ideal for online marketing because they appeal to the global consumer market. Use vanity lines to transform your numbers into even more marketable tools. These numbers make your company more memorable and prove that you are a trusted business owner who invests in your brand.

Organizational Tools

Virtual phone numbers can also work as an online tool to organize customer information and emails. Furthermore, your virtual phone number provider should be able to pair your voicemail with your email through transcription. Using this feature allows your voicemails to be sent as emails, taking voicemails out of the mailbox and making them easier to organize and file online. You can also use your virtual numbers to keep track of incoming callers and filter the database of calls according to your preferences.


When you market your products and services, you must be strategic and test multiple campaigns to find what works best in your industry. Track your marketing campaigns using virtual phone numbers, and you’ll have greater insight on what generates the most customer responses.

Are customers in your market most receptive to your online ads or local advertisements? Which vanity number seems to attract the most calls? By being able to track these details, you can customize your marketing efforts to reach more customers and expand your business.

Remote Customer Service

When you’re providing a service to customers, your team must be readily available and have the knowledge that customers expect from top brands. Be prepared in advance for multiple calls at once with an organized system that will keep incoming callers from long wait times. When your callers connect with one of your company representatives, they are looking for solutions.

Therefore, it’s important to avoid connections with employees who may not be able to help. To streamline the customer service experience and make it more effective, use virtual phone numbers to set up different extensions for employees who are equipped to meet specific customer needs. Your callers will appreciate being connected with someone who is knowledgeable in the field. This will also represent your company as a leader in the market.