Web Hosting

3 things you need to know about Web hosting

All websites on the internet are made of up two basic entities, the hosting server, and the domain. The domain is the name of the website URL. This is an identity for your brand or business. The hosting, however, is the brains of this identity. All the functions of a website such as speed, uptime, load time, traffic capacity, etc are all dependent on what kind of hosting server you have. Understanding how web hosting works can sound overwhelming, but it’s quite simple. We can break it down to mainly three things:

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the basis of a website. A hosting server is the back-end service of any website that manages its working. All the information on the website is stored on this server. By writing codes, we can view each page on a website by accessing a specific section of the hosting server.

Different websites might need different types of hosting

This is why understanding how web hosting works is very important. Depending on the operations on your website, the traffic you are expecting, the files you need to store, you will need to pick a hosting that fits best. A good hosting not just gives you back-end, but also assists your with troubleshoots, glitches and code errors.

How costly is web hosting?

The cost of web hosting depends on the speed and the service space you need. While you can find services for dirt cheap, they might only facilitate a single page static website.

If you are running a business such as a store or a blog, you can expect a lot of visits to your website. This means you need to invest in a bigger hosting server. If you purchase the wrong hosting, you could sabotage your entire website.

What if I do not want to invest in hosting?

Once you are done understanding how web hosting works, you might be curious if there is a way around buying hosting. There is. There are companies that allow you to use simple drag-and-drop to create stunning websites. By using their dashboard and small monthly fee, you can get simple websites. The only disadvantage to these platforms is that they are not suitable if you want extreme customizations. The room to play within an independent hosting server is much more.