2 Easiest Methods to Reset your WordPress Blogs

Today we are looking at the easiest way to reset your WordPress Website or Blog. When did you need to reset your WordPress website?

If you are new to WordPress, chances are great you’ll make a mistake or two along the way. Sometimes you need to erase all content like blog posts and settings. If you are a WordPress developer and you are testing and debugging, chances are great you need to reset your WordPress site regularly.

We found 2 easiest methods to reset your WordPress Blog. Here we go.

1. Using Plugins

The best method to reset your WordPress sites is with the help of WordPress plugins. You can find a lot of WordPress Reset Plugins but you should choose the right and the best Plugin to do this job because it is crucial and ensure that you won’t make any mistakes. We recommend you to use WP Reset.

Once you downloaded the Plugin, you are ready to go. If you click the reset button, you will have to confirm the action one more time because there is no undo in this.

It Will Delete:

The WP Reset Plugin will delete blog posts, pages, comments, media entries, users, etc. It will also delete custom database tables.

It Will Not Delete:

It will not delete your media files such as images, videos etc… It will remain under wp-uploads. The highlight is site title, WordPress address, site address are not deleted. The user that performs the Resetting option will be restored with the current username and password. Isn’t that great?

2. Manual Method

The Manual Method we are going to do will leave your settings, installed plugins and themes. Just follow these steps.

Delete Posts and Pages

  • Go to Posts
  • Set the number per page to 100 at the top
  • Click the checkbox located in the title bar
  • Select Delete from the Bulk Actions drop-down and click Apply
  • Repeat the same if you have 100+ blog posts

Delete Categories and Tags

  • Go to Posts > Categories
  • Click the checkbox in the title as you do to delete posts
  • Delete from the Bulk Actions drop-down and click Apply
  • Repeat the same until you delete all Categories and Tags

Delete Media Files

  • Open Blog Dashboard
  • Select Media Library
  • Click on Bulk Select
  • Select Images One by One
  • Click on “Delete Selected”

That’s it. You have successfully reset your WordPress site. We recommend you to use WP Reset Plugin because the Plugin is absolutely free to use and works without any errors. Justs in case you’re doing this on a live site, don’t forget to use a maintenance mode plugin to take care of the users.