WPSOLR Has an Advanced Plugin for Searching

WPSOLR sells a WordPress and WooCommerce advanced plugin for searching. This is a plugin that replaces the typical WordPress search with an extra powerful, more precise and faster site search. This, in turn, will bring you more website visitors as this optimized search skill takes them directly to find the data they need.

Open source software

WordPress is open source software you can use to produce a beautiful website, blog or another site. WooCommerce is also created using WordPress. WPSOLR combined a search box that helps WordPress and WooCommerce to have a new and fast plugin for search. It was intended for small to large-sized online merchants that used WordPress. After it was first launched on Sept 27, 2011, the plugin very quickly became widespread for its ease to mount and customize a free base product.

People love them

They bring to their users this plugin as their visitors were craving something with more speed. It is loaded with more features than any other search plugin and offers fantastic support!

Super-sonic searches

Most website users do not have the time to wait for site search – it seems the users of the internet have become spoiled wanting only what gets people to another place faster.


WPSOLR stimuluses small to large WordPress sites and blogs, to a huge WooCommerce website with thousands of products at a speed that is hard to believe. WPSOLR delivers better results, and faster. Even if you have millions of pages or products, WPSOLR ensures that your visitors find exactly what they want as fast as they want it.

Pinpoint Accuracy

This plugin offers pinpoint accuracy as well as relevancy and filters galore which is good when visitors are about to filter products. WPSOLR has this covered by letting you set up an infinite number of filters for a product such as:

  • Category
  • Manufacturer
  • Price
  • Size
  • And much more

Search for anything

Yes, that means anything – PDFs, post type, fields that are custom, WooCommerce product, ACF fields – anything.

This is a WordPress+WooCommerce plugin for any WordPress website and can substitute the standard WordPress search box with a more accurate, more powerful, and faster site search. Being faster you deliver your website visitors with an optimized search involvement that will bring them quickly to find the information they need. And it will keep them coming back.