Why Laravel is the ideal framework for your PHP Development

PHP is a general purpose, open source scripting language. It is extremely popular among many PHP development company India and across the globe for web development. PHP drives over 200 million websites worldwide and this number continues to rise.

One of the main benefits of PHP is that developers have a large variety of frameworks to choose from for developing their projects, and while one single framework may not be perfect for every development environment or scenario, some frameworks are indeed better than others. As of now, Laravel is probably the most widely used PHP framework due to its incredible versatility and feature-rich environment.

Here are the reasons why Laravel is the most preferred framework of PHP developers

1. Object-Oriented Libraries are Pre-installed

A major reason for Laravel’s popularity is that it has a large library of pre-installed and object-oriented libraries. Many of these pre-installed libraries are not available in other frameworks. These libraries offer advanced features which greatly ease the development process.

2. Allows Database Migration

Keeping databases in sync between dev machines is a tough challenge for any PHP developer. Laravel is a lifesaver for all developers who even occasionally need this functionality as it allows the development of the applications’ database without having to remake it every time a change is made. Laravel also allows for changing the structure of the database.

3. Authorization Techniques

Laravel affords multiple authentication methods and conveniently configures everything autonomously. Laravel is by far the most intuitive among all PHP frameworks when it comes to the organization of authorization logic or modifying access control of resources.

4. Security

Laravel ensures highly secure web development. It liberally uses hashed and salted passwords and features a built-in register controller and login controller classes which greatly enhance security. There are also many pre-existing tools which prevent attacks.

5. Blade Template Engine

Laravel’s built-in Blade Template Engine is one of its most important features. It is basically an HTML template used in Laravel. The Blade Template Engine is known for being extremely intuitive and user-friendly. There are many inbuilt templates in Laravel which make it easier for developers to craft layouts via dynamic content seeding.

6. Comprehensive Documentation

A major reason why Laravel is preferred by both experienced and fresh developers is its extensive documentation for virtually every feature it provides. It is a big reason why it is easy to try Laravel or maintain one’s mastery over it.

Intuitive Syntax

The principles behind Laravel’s creation are rooted in clean code. Its intuitive syntax makes it extremely easy for companies offering PHP Development Services India to get started with the framework and quickly get projects up and running.

Laravel is an extremely popular framework and the list mentioned above should help shine some light on why that is the case. If you decide to Hire PHP Developers in India,  they are likely to utilize Laravel for PHP Development due to its ease of use and vast feature list is simply unmatched by any other framework available for PHP.