Why is PHP so widely used for Web Application Development?

PHP has proven itself to be an extremely robust and versatile technology, especially when it comes to developing web applications. There are many a  PHP Development Company in India have used this technology to form the backend for various web applications. PHP is widely used for dynamic website development and lots of popular websites are built using the PHP Framework like Wikipedia, Tumbler, Word press, and Facebook. Being used by such popular sites has the added advantage of large community support and this holds true for PHP as well. The PHP community is large and knowledgeable, with both beginners and experienced developers contributing their work there.

Although PHP was initially released in 1994, the version you see today is quite different from the one that was launched. PHP has proven itself to be adaptable, robust, efficient and extremely fast. These attributes make it ideal for dynamic web development and web services development. While initially launched as a procedural language, PHP is now more of an object-oriented language.

As of today, PHP is used by over 82{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} of all active websites, with ASP coming in a very distant second. While Ruby, Python, and JavaScript are coming up big, PHP is still likely to be the top choice for many PHP development company India for making web applications and back-ends.

So what are the main reasons for PHP’s continued popularity?

PHP allows us to build rich websites and web applications due to the following attributes.

Open Source. PHP is an open source language that is completely free to use, which attracts many developers and enterprises due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to create interactive web apps.

Extremely Usable: PHP offers a wide range of advanced features that assist in creating scalable, appealing and robust websites. PHP scripts can help businesses keep a detailed track of their website’s traffic.
Ease of Development: PHP is similar to languages like C and is quite intuitive to learn and develop on. It is relatively simple to pick up.

Cross-Platform: One of PHP’s primary benefits is its excellent performance on Linux, Windows and a whole host of other platforms. PHP also interfaces quite well with databases like MongoDB, Apache etc.

So there you have it, PHP is one of the most widely used technologies for web development and now you know why. It is simple to learn, has a large and supportive community and it is a powerful technology capable of easily interfacing with databases, making it a great choice to Hire PHP developers in India for web application development as well as enterprise development.