Why Contact Centers Need to Focus on Customers Authentication

Most business interactions, especially those that are not face-to-face interactions, require identity authentication.  This is the reason why many contact centers ask their customers to confirm their identity before providing them with any service.

Having to confirm the identity, again and again, can sometimes irritate the customers. Still, this has become a rule that no one can ignore.  Contact centers, therefore, need to find the balance for completing the necessary authentication accurately but quickly.  Failure to find the right balance can be hurtful to business.

It helps to have a proper protocol for security and customer authentication. This can be a time- and effort-consuming task, still this is important and must be taken care of. Security of customers’ private data must not be compromised.

At the same time, this does not mean that it should be next to impossible to get customers’ issues resolved quickly. Getting the best of both worlds –data security and fast resolutions – is not that complicated if the contact center uses the right security system, like Genesys security system.

Usually, the authentication process involves asking clients to confirm their identity. There are many different ways for an agent to verify the identity of a caller. Still, contact centers must do their best to make the identity verification process as simple and straightforward as possible.

In order to achieve this, call centers can offer a way for in-callers to self-identify themselves. This can be done by the means of voice authentication, face authentication, touch authentication, or by login in through a mobile app. All the aforementioned features can be found in Genesys software and Genesys solutions.

Self-identification feature can help contact center agents bypass the cumbersome authentication procedure, which in its turn will help them concentrate more on servicing the clients instead of spending time authenticating the clients.

By harnessing the power of a third-party authentication system, contact centers can prevent fraud considerably. Companies like Miratech can help deploy unique technology that will automatically route high-risk calls to trained fraud agents after analyzing fraud score.

People that deal with serious issues, for example, unusual credit card activity, should be served by trained professionals and this can be ensured by Miratech and its executive security solutions.

This being said, contact centers can help their agents confirm the caller’s identity, which can have a direct impact on the overall client satisfaction level. The customer service experience can be greatly improved by streamlining and simplifying the process.