What are the Various Benefits offered by File Shredder Software?

Are you wondering about file shredder programs? You should rest assured that these programs would help you delete the files permanently on your computer. As you may or may not be aware, deleting the file would only be hiding it from the operating system. It would not be actually gone from the system until the similar space has been overwritten by something else.

This is precisely where the free file shredder software would come in handy. It would overwrite the chosen file by using specific data sanitization method. It would be imperative to ensure that the file has been deleted permanently and cannot be recovered using the file recovery program.

Why do you need to file shredder software?

You should rest assured that formatted, lost or deleted data could be easily recovered by data recovery program. In order to avoid recovery of data, you would be required to erase the file completely. The free file shredder software would be able to help you erase the targeted files and folders permanently and securely. There would be no chance of recovering the data by using any kind of tool or software. You could permanently erase the data from the following:

  • Laptop or PC
  • HDD or SSD
  • USB Drive
  • Digital Camera
  • Memory Card

It could also be used to erase data from other kinds of media storage devices.

Benefits of Efficient and Safe file Shredder Software

It would be imperative to find efficient and secure free file shredder software to suit your specific needs and requirements. It would provide the following benefits.

  • Erasing any kind of File

The file shredder software should be able to support you in permanently erasing any kind of files. It should be inclusive of different types of files such as emails, photos, documents, archives, videos, folders, voice memos, audios and more.

  • No Data Recovery

The free file shredder software would offer both military and government standards for erasing data. It would erase any chance of recovering data from the system.

  • Secure File Eraser

After you have erased the files or folders using the file eraser software, it would help you ensure no data recovery method would be able to recover the erased folders or files. They would be lost forever. In addition, there would be no damage done to your device, computer or system.

The software would help you erase a minimum of twenty folders or files using the free trial version.