Video Sites Like YouTube But Much Better

There are sites just like YouTube that are great for discovering all sorts of videos. Sites that share videos and are better for finding tips online and laughing at pranks. While YouTube is the video site online that is most popular, there are many other video sharing sites just like YouTube available online.

Best known

YouTube might be the best-known conventional, video-hosting site on the internet, but it is not winning any awards for the visual quality of its content. The creators of YouTube have stated that soon videos with higher-resolution will be here, but until that time, there is a list of other sites that do a better job making your video uploaded look a little less web ordinate.


Some have made it their mission to find the better video search engine websites online. Using a list of YouTube changes, you find that you will be able to discover even more amazing videos. Also, most of these video sites have select videos that cannot even be found on any YouTube site.

You will be addicted

Browse a list of free sites like YouTube and you will instantly find millions of funny, inspiring as well as helpful videos online. You will be addicted from the moment you begin watching your first videos at these 3 sites.

Try these three

  • Vimeo
  • Vine
  • DailyMotion

The three things you can test for are:

  • Real-world speed of upload
  • Ease of interface when adding tags, titles and other information
  • End quality

These are great places to share indie films as well as videos that you have made when you thought you would go to have a really wonderful career in filmmaking. These sites have no ads that are disruptive, and they give you the capacity to stream HD videos.

With these sites, you will be able to stream videos available from any device you have.