Two Product Changes That Customers Have Been Asking For

Hitaltech has introduced two new products or innovation on products in the last quarter.

Printing full-coloring

First is a faster, more detailed as well as cost-effective printing that is full-coloring. This allows coded symbols and legends to be printed on all the blocks that are standard terminal. This new printed on terminal blocks enable fasteners and wiring being more accurate.


This option was accessible previously only by layers of single-color repeated by pad printing. This was also expensive. Another way to previously getting this same option was by attaching labels that are sticky. This is quite time-consuming and labor-intensive also driving the price up. It was announced that this full-color process of printing had been established to service the needs of customers that were growing.


There is a benefit to terminal blocks being color-coded. By adding clear legends, an electrical engineer’s project is made easier. Responsibilities can be finished faster, with fewer mistakes; mistakes that are very costly are avoided. Terminal blocks are accessible with full-color printing by being a cost-effective and quick process. This is a development that is set to make a huge difference in the market for DIN Rail mounting enclosure and customers are quite eager to start working with them.

Also introduced

Hitaltech has also introduced High Power Terminal Blocks and Connectors with a new range allowing high current inputs as well as outputs for connection to a circuit board that is printed.


These terminal blocks are available in both versions that are modular interlocking or blocks that are solid with as many as eight poles and accessible in a wide assortment of entry wire sizes to 35mm2, industry standard pitches, and current rates to 125 Amps. Also, there are versions accessible with screw flanges locks letting terminal blocks be screwed into the PCB allowing additional mechanical stability.